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Anyone remember Cow Wars back in the Amiga days.

so, not a dl fame but browser only?

ah!  Can't purchase an itchio copy.   Dang.

sfx sound crunchy good.  I do love good sound.

Any status update on this?

Glad to see the update on itchio was released.  Thank the codex for alerting me that steam had an update.




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Yep, this was pretty cool.  I was going through the KS and somehow missed there was a soundtrack.  I need to pay more attention.

I was going through this and noticed one small thing on the last stretch goal:

$17K - Printable Paper Minis - All backers get a PDF for printable minis of Characters and monsters for the Vast in the Dark.

I can't honestly find a link to the printable paper minis.  I went and bought the itchio bundle because I like to support developers and I noticed it didn't have it either.  Were these made or forgotten?  It happens sometimes.  I might have to email you directly.

I figured out how to use VICE.  Seems my old vice that I hadn't used in over a decade was corrupt and the last one I DL'd was missing files because of a failed download.  Works fine now.  Cheers.

How on earth do I use these .crt files in an emulator.  ccs64 doesn't seem to recognize them and VICE just flat out failed and locked up.  I'm at a loss here.  

I watched the video and really noticed the expanded box poster art.  That'd be a great file to tack into the digital package.  Tbh, a lot of PSYTRONIK box art is pretty nostalgic (great screensavers & backgrounds).  Cheers.

I hope you keep updating.  Releasing the never released is a fans dream as is romhacking QOL in existing games.  Damn good job thus far.