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Sad news to hear of his passing.  Pity we can’t buy the full game here on itchio as well.

Just found out about this game and another MULE game on itchio.  I watched the video and downloaded the guide as well.  I’ll be telling my sister about this as we were c64, DOS, and NES M.U.L.E. fanatics when younger.  Good times!  So, I’m glad to see a new spin (a least to me).  Cheers

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Not too bad.  I spent a couple nights to past midnight playing.  That's something I don't usually do.  The music I found pretty good.  It looped to different songs throughout instead of being dependent on the level.  Could it use more toons?  Maybe.  The water and jumping reminded me a lot of The Elder Scrolls Arena.  Headless made me think of a Serious Sam mob except they didn't explode.  The lava reminded me of burning in Witchaven.  Some of the gameplay reminded me of quake (perhaps the grenade launcher).    Barrels are pretty tough vs the wand.  I never could get any barrels lined up for an incidental kill of mobs (that I know of).    Ranged mobs were pretty deadly but a gremlin or headless could serious tear you up.

There was some clipping by a few mobs here and there, transition from secret doors felt a bit like no-clip.  Some mobs were unaffected if i launched a grenade or shot through the secret door.  And some mobs you could trick by hiding jus enough around the corner where they couldn't shoot you but you could shoot them.  Certain obstacles you could blast through with your musket if you aimed just right (notably the fences). Hiding in the water you could blast away at gremlins and headless.  Sometimes furniture would hold the mobs back for you to shoot them.  It didn't always work but when it did it helped.

I couldn't get my gamepad to work properly and need to spend some more time tinkering with it.  I used the mouse and keyboard like I do with all boomers.  On a rare occasion I will use a gamepad, rarely.

You can backtrack to the beginning maps which was pretty cool.

What could the game use?

A few more death animations for mobs.

Maybe save slots

Difficulty setting

A Hard Core Mode where you can't save and if you die that is it.  Start over.

Score board (well, I guess for time you complete a map as there is no mobs killed score or a tally of points).  I never got close to par for map completion.  I'm sure I had some other suggestions but I'm tired atm.

It is pretty fun esp if you're an EUO fan.


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If you support the developer, they might make extended content or a new game.  I like the color scheme of both games.  A fun little title to whittle just a little time unless you wanna go OCD high score.  I don't think this could be put on youtube uncensored though.  Prudes!

It isn't on ios though.

I believe this was an entry in top 20 unknown metroidvania type games to try.  Definitely worth a shot.  Cheers.

Anyone remember Cow Wars back in the Amiga days.

so, not a dl fame but browser only?

ah!  Can't purchase an itchio copy.   Dang.

sfx sound crunchy good.  I do love good sound.

Any status update on this?

Glad to see the update on itchio was released.  Thank the codex for alerting me that steam had an update.




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Yep, this was pretty cool.  I was going through the KS and somehow missed there was a soundtrack.  I need to pay more attention.

I was going through this and noticed one small thing on the last stretch goal:

$17K - Printable Paper Minis - All backers get a PDF for printable minis of Characters and monsters for the Vast in the Dark.

I can't honestly find a link to the printable paper minis.  I went and bought the itchio bundle because I like to support developers and I noticed it didn't have it either.  Were these made or forgotten?  It happens sometimes.  I might have to email you directly.

I figured out how to use VICE.  Seems my old vice that I hadn't used in over a decade was corrupt and the last one I DL'd was missing files because of a failed download.  Works fine now.  Cheers.

How on earth do I use these .crt files in an emulator.  ccs64 doesn't seem to recognize them and VICE just flat out failed and locked up.  I'm at a loss here.  

I watched the video and really noticed the expanded box poster art.  That'd be a great file to tack into the digital package.  Tbh, a lot of PSYTRONIK box art is pretty nostalgic (great screensavers & backgrounds).  Cheers.

I hope you keep updating.  Releasing the never released is a fans dream as is romhacking QOL in existing games.  Damn good job thus far.