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I like the sprite! I think the only thing is that on one of his forward-facing sprites, he's missing a spot of colour on his nose under his nostril.

It's wild to see this game again after so many years, but at least now I can say that I finally got all the endings!

Very interesting concept so far! The only major bug I've seen is that the volume control for the voices doesn't actually do anything, since I had turned it all the way down and they were still on

I'd love to see him in a toga to go complete with the loincloth to harken back to his days in Crete

All these men are so handsome, I just want to date them all at once haha

Well, that ending only made me cry a lot.

If you pause in the shop and unpause, the shopkeeper moves back to position and you can't get out! :S

So, I think I found a bug? I hit z too fast when the title screen was loading after being killed in the attic, and now I'm replaying the beginning of the game, while still having the loaded pistol haha

A very fun game, and I'm enjoying playing it. I've gotten stuck a few times just because I couldn't see that there was something I could interact with, but managed to figure it out from seeing the few hints in the comments here.

I'm completely and utterly stuck on how to transport the oasis water, sadly.

I suppose one comment I have is that there's no way to exit the demo when you're using controller support in full-screen. I had to use the Task Manager to get out of it!

I enjoyed this game so much! The aesthetic of it, the characters, and the puzzle transformations were fun, and really made me think. I seem to be doing the secret solution to the final maze wrong, even though I've played Tower of Garax, so that's frustrating. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?

Love this game and the story that it told!