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Александр, только что увидел Вашу ситуацию с возвратами средств на Steam с игрой "Summer Of '58". Решил поддержать, чем могу, как говорится - сразу купил bundle всех игр. Правда, поиграть пока не могу, ибо нет компьютера с Windows (только Linux). Но обязательно поиграю позже. Потратив немного времени и поизучав видео трейлеров, мне и так очевидно, что Ваши игры - действительно стояшие!

Желаю Вам творческих и коммерческих успехов! Вы - талантливый игродел!

Nice and simple idea. It's quite easy to find out what to do in the game.

No, not yet. Now the levels just grow and amount of enemies increase.

Thank you for your feedback! I'm going to continue working on this game after the 7DRL Challenge, so your feedback is important for me.

Thank you! The sprites are from 1-bit pack from KenneyNL, but I colorized some of them with ENDESGA palette. The idea of using boat to go to the next level came into my mind during 7DRL Challenge 🙂

Hi everyone,

The game is already on, the link is here:

I'm going to polish it a bit and submit it to the jam within an hour.

Unfortunately I couldn't finish all the features I planned, so I'm going to mark the game as "Incomplete". 😟 However, the game is fully playable.

In short, what I could finish:

  • implement enemies (only skeletons)
  • food (apples) to recover player's HP
  • level discovery (a-la Fog of War)
  • simple HUD (shows player's HP and in-game messages)
  • and some other small things...

I hope you like the game. 🙂

I like the game! The spirit of a traditional roguelike and beautiful ASCII art. In-game help is very informative, so it's easy to find out how to play. Simple, but very interesting game.

I like it! It's simple, but unusual.

Hello everyone!

Let me share what I could do so far. For those who don't like reading, pictures are below. 🙂

  • A very simple title screen (rather mock-up with some info).
  • Level generation (very simple so far).
  • Camera that (smoothly) follows the character.

Not much, in fact... 😟 Things go slower than expected, as usually with software development in general. 😀 

Meanwhile I learn Godot engine, with it's bugs 🙂 Fortunately those bugs are not severe and can be worked around (they are usually known by Godot community). In general Godot is a nice engine, and I would recommend it if someone hesitates (at least for 2D games). That's just my humble opinion 😊

For the assets, I use 1-bit pack tileset from KenneyNL (, slightly modifying it step by step. Font is also from KenneyNL.

And here are some screenshots and a GIF.

This is a title screen. Help and Credits menus are still to be done 🙂

Example of a procedurally generated level (with a player characted in the middle 🙂).

Another example of a level. 🙂

And this is a short animation with the player's movements.

Hi everyone,
My name is Kirill. This is my first 7drl challenge. I'm going to create something rather simple since I don't have much experience in roguelikedev/gamedev (at my job I code in Java and C++ 🙂). In this topic I'm going to post updates (like in a dev blog). It's already 7'th of March, 10:00 AM in my timezone, so I'm going to start coding now 🙂

The basic idea of my game is to explore randomly generated 2d forests, and fight monsters. Initially the levels are going to consist of 2 types of tiles: a tree tile and a ground tile.  I'm going to use Godot game engine.