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@stalnia : Thanks for taking the time to play it and for writing about your experience!

While developing it, I basically had two way to play/test it : either going as deep as possible in the labyrinth and then trying to find another way out (while keeping a good speed and avoiding to bump into too many things) or just going to the distance toward a specific color until I reached other mazes (though it's not obvious there actually about 450 different mazes plotted in the landscape)

Stochastèmes was updated with Spanish and Japanese (romaji) corpora.

Some of the existings corpora were also cleaned (remove chapter numbers which slipped into the dataset and fixed encoding issue on V. Hugo and J. W. von Goethe datasets).

Finally it now also works correctly on iOS devices.

I pushed a new version online earlier today.

The issue with the collision and the bobbing camera when the fps drops is fixed, several minor issues relative to the inputs are fixed and the overall weight of the page was divided by 5, that's probably a good thing.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Yes there's an issue with the collision when the fps drops and I haven't been yet able to put my finger on it, I'll try to fix it sooner or later...

Very polished given the short deadline, good job.

I had a case where the murderer killed the victim with a bottle of wine, got stains on his jacket, dropped it on the floor and ran around half-naked in most of the map searching for a replacement jacket. Silly in a good way.

Nice gameplay, I enjoyed the few rounds I played. It took me two rounds to figure out I could right click to mark people. It became slightly easier afterward...

My two cents : I think that the replay-ability of the game could be improved by adding some diversity in the building generation. All the buildings I got where 4 to 5 floors high and 4 to 6 rooms wide. Skyscrapers of 8 floors with 3 rooms each and/or more complex structures (a main building of 5 floors with 4 rooms each, with an annex of 2 floors with 2 rooms for example) would add some visual variety.