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I want to change the text from "run game" to something else, I do have custom CSS access and tried a lot of things to change it with no luck, I would highly appreciate it if you can provide working CSS code that I can directly use because I tried the proposed solutions in stack overflow (hiding the button text, then using `content:` with no luck, mostly because of my zero CSS skills and lack of understanding of how custom CSS works in

Taking that with a grain of salt, but thanks :)

lol thanks 

the idea is so neat! great job

thanks ❤

thank you so mcuh, would using the previous version do it for me? and if yes where can I find it, thanks

its working in the editor, but in the android build its not, is there any way to fix this? is Android/iOS even supported? thanks, amazing tool

Wow, that was really cool

Great game aryajp! 
I bet this is the highest score out there XD

this looks epic

Great Job boubli 💙💙💙 keep going mec 👊

Thx or taking the time to replay even if it was an old comment 😅

You are right ! Thankfully I was lucky, there is a developer called cammin, he made an integration for that, it is called "Ldtk to unity" and it worked well with my project

this is very well done ! good job

amazing webpage man ! great job

hi ! do you have discord ? cuz i want your help about modding a short hike, just a few questions, thank you 

this game is so bad

thanks allot for this helpful kind words!


amazing and perfect, thanks for the amazing work!

i hope you try something new other than shooter platformers , i recommend this so you can get better and stop making the same game , be part of game jams ! its a great event that always improves game devs , good luck 

شكرا لكلامك اللطيف

شكرا و سعيد انك استمتعت !

your games always has unique ideas and this what make them stands out ! cool work , i know this is old but what ever

واضح أنه عندك مستقبل في فئة ألعاب الhyper casual
اللعبة حلوة بس ينقصها شوية إضافات
يعني ركز المرة المقبلة بأنو اللعبة تكون ممتعة أولا من ثم تكون لعبة جميلة 
و بمجرد إضافة post processing 

اللعبة بتصير "أجمل" بكثير 

بس متل ما قلتلك ركز على عامل المتعى

amazing one , the music stands allot , the art is  cute , the polish is well done , simply an amazing submission

شكرا لكلامك الجميل 

كل جام تصدمني بإبداعك , أنت منجد مطور موعود جدا تابع شغلك ممتاز 

شكرا !

so cool, and I tried it in my URP (LWRP) 2d and it works perfectly, thanks a lot for this awesome stuff!

cool game , keep on the cool work , almost number 1 

lol صعب

(1 edit)

first achievement in my life

this is so creative and funny , great job !

yup i know ponty pants and actually his game mind loop inspired a part in my game , but its not "and it almost same yours here" because i included 1 . offend system 2. three players in the same level and that was not the idea of mind loop
there is some other games wich lets you control two players at the same time not to include that i made the art of my game and the controls are better ( hold to jump , wall slide , etc )
yea just to be clear thank for the feedback 💙

can i use this with LDtk ?

كنت أقصد بقولي هدف : مثلا سكور معين لازم أوصله أو أي شي أنت حددته لان الهدف يلي بيكون موضوع من المطور له طابع أفضل من الهدف الخاص للاعب , و بالنهاية هاد بس رأيي أتمنى ما كون أزعجتك مع أني لسا عند كلامي أنها لعبة رهيبة جدا و الستايل جدا جميل