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Yes the final Chapter is coming out on October 19th

I'll be honest and admit that I've been holding off on downloading this game since I had a feeling that I would quickly get addicted, but finally took the leap... 

...And yep I got addicted. 

This game is so well put together and whilst it's rare that I'll play every route on a visual novel, I totally plan to do so with WTNC. 

I think my favourite of the routes that I've played so far is the Finn and Ezra one. 

Ezra is a total cinnamon roll and Finn is sweet too (and also totally makes me laugh) - the two of them are also adorable together. 

I am stealing myself to read through all of the chapter 9 paths - I swear this game has totally put me through all the feels. 

Oh and I am not sure if it's been mentioned but I think that the 3rd Finn and Ezra cg is bugged as it comes up as the sfw Finn one and then links into his gallery. I also wasn't sure if the Finn and Ezra route cg has a sfw and a nsfw version, but if it does then tge the sfw one is the one that comes up in game both times. 

Totally hoping that this comes to android at some point because if so then I am totally getting it and will also totally keep an eye out for the kickstarter for your next work.