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LOOOOVED the scares on this one! Truly unnerving and scary. Doesn't help that I already hate elevators lol 

Played this on a whim and totally loved it! Great jumpscares 

REALLY creepy demo! Played this on my recent stream and everyone loved it. Can't wait for the full release! 

Very neat game! I would've loved for this to be longer and maybe have some lore to it added as well. Keep it up :) 

SUPER creepy game with awesome atmosphere. Will for sure be replaying soon to get other endings/routes :) 

Played this for a short YT video and enjoyed it! The little scares actually got me pretty good and the ending was great lol

Very impressed with this game! The peephole part really freaked me out. Can't wait to see more from you :) 

Loved the simplicity of this game that played on a fear I also had as a kid! The build up was great to the finale and I genuinely got scared pretty bad from it. Thank you for posting this awesome game! 

TOTALLY refreshing. This feels like something completely new which is very much welcome in the horror gaming genre right now. I'm super excited to see where it all goes and just how far this story will ride. 

I am being so genuine when I say that I am absolutely in love with this game. Its so refreshing to see a true alien horror game coming onto the scene and I can't wait to see the full game. Everything is set up to become a HUGE hit! This is so unique in many ways and genuinely fun to play. Well done and can't wait to play the full game. 

absolutely! I hope you decided to make more games in the future because this was a lot of fun and very unique scares. 

I enjoyed this so much! The atmosphere was so creepy and the knocking aspect was cool. This was an amazing first attempt at making a game and I really hope you continue with other projects in the future :) 

I totally plan to play this game again to check everything out as I've seen there are different secrets and endings. I just wanted to say that this game is great in many ways in the horror genre. Not so much jumpscares, but the genuine fear factor you get when you just KNOW there's someone (or something) watching you. 

Really simple but effective game! Atmosphere was scary and I love that this game doesn't take itself too seriously and just exists in its own horror. REALLY love this! 

Cabaret made it to my #1 spot in my top 3 games I played of 2021. I seriously love love love this game and its atmosphere. Everything about it flowed so nicely with terrifying visuals, sounds and concept. IT EVEN MADE ME CRY AT ONE POINT. Thank you so much for this lovely game! 

Hey, coming back to say Husk made it to #2 on my top 3 games of 2021! I really appreciate this game so much even almost a year later with its mixed visuals, game play and story line. The scares were just enough to be jarring and stick with a player to be alert that whole time. Thank you again! 

Stone House Orphanage is one my top 3 games of 2021. Thank you so much for posting such an unsettlingly interesting game that has stuck with me the whole year! 

Played for a video and really enjoyed it! I love search/collect games so much. 

I really like this game! The nostalgic feel, the sounds, the second half being what it was. Surreal horror seems to be a lost art lately and I really like your take on it from the nostalgic point of view. I will admit that as you see in my video I seriously thought that the game was over after going to sleep but I thought about it and realized there was a second half lol. Thanks for a really cool experience and I absolutely wanna check out other games by you!

REALLY enjoyed playing this! The sound design is genius and completely adds to the atmosphere. I was shaky and sweaty the whole time, thank you for this awesome game! 

Played this for my youtube channel and enjoyed it! As usual the visuals and atmosphere were awesome. I hope in the future you revisit this concept and make it longer! 

Really love this game! The atmosphere was very creepy and unsettling, and a nice break from jumpscares over and over. Amazing job! 

Okay I liked this game, honestly! At first it started slow and I was a lil worried that the whole game would be find and follow, but it picked up QUICK. The protagonist is creepy, and the concept is really neat as well. I would love to see you expand on this in the future because the music, sound, premise, and all is great! 

Decided to try it out. Really cool concept and looks great. I absolutely think you should continue this project :)

LOL glad my screams brought you joy! Absolutely, thank you for such a wonderful game <3 

Loved this game! The mixed style is so interesting and made for an added element of the game to me. Sound design was also absolutely great and I felt like I had something crawling on my or near me the whole time. I can't wait to see more! 

I played this for a YT video and I almost cried, seriously. This is amazing so far and I'm really excited to see where else you take this game. Thank you for this experience, I look forward to more from you! 

Wow, I was not ready for how deep and amazing this was. Really well written and thought out. 

Played this game for a quick horror experience and got TOTALLY immersed into the game. I got into the horror genre through old point and clicks, and this one is a really beautiful, solid, modernized one. I seriously feel I can play this again! Thank you so much for the experience. Played this game for a quick horror experience and got TOTALLY immersed into the game. I got into the horror genre through old point and clicks, and this one is a really beautiful, solid, modernized one. I seriously feel I can play this again! Thank you so much for the experience.