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well im gonna die

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her name is leo and her species is a leo ik iconic huh

i made it from this challange in the comments so oiopi

she is 16 and she may look cute but she can and will kick anyones ass

she grew up with good parents but when she was 10 they started fighting but still loved one another then they kept getting drunk and mentally attacking her. she still has good mental health tho

ok see you

ok wait no this is now becoming my oc

i literally suck at bios also some things to note is that i couldnt get different hands and i have one brother and sister so yeah also zodiac is a leo and im surprised the colors turnt out so good holy dfgkokhgk ok now bio time WAIT NO IM STUPID I DIDNT ADD SLEEVES UGH OOGKHK WHATEVER take or leave it now

also my favorite animal is a dog and my dog is grey white and black so

Name: Leo

Species: Leo

Age: 16

Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her

Personality: Badass but cute. will and can kick anyones ass

Hobbies: she reads and yeah thats rlly it

she doesnt have a complicated backstory, she was raised with good parents until she was 10. her parents fighted all the time yet loved each other, they got drunk a lot and sometimes would attack her mentally. she still has really good mental health though.


You guys should probably stop complaining about Rocky, he died in the actual stranger things.

I love it!

This is Kohana, she is a flower goddess.

She is pansexual, and she is currently single.

She stays likes to go to the forest and make friends with most of the animals. Sometimes she likes to go to the abandoned cabin.

She is an introvert and she doesnt like making eye contact with people, whenever she does she usually has a breakdown. She sometimes goes to the beach with her parents, but she doesn't stay on the dock with Kaiyo.

Her age is 12, she was adopted by Kaiyo and Nami.

Her hobby is making friends and talking with animals.

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This is Kaiyo, she is a cyclops demon. Her nickname is Crimson Cyclops.

She is homosexual, and married with Nami.

She hangs out downtown usually, she gets a lot of weird looks. She rebels against a lot of things, and usually flirts with Nami. 

She is a pervert, and takes care of Nami 24/7. Whenever Nami goes on the beach Kaiyo is right by her. Whenever Nami goes in the sea she will wait by the dock, or swim a bit.

Her age is 25, and she has been with Kaiyo for 9 years. Her child is Kohana.

Her hobby hanging out, walking, and binge-watching. She eats a lot and then excersizes after. She is cold and mean to other people, but she never is mean too Nami.

Maybe use the octopus eyes or something, or maybe use webs for your ears and a different skin color, it just doesnt give me much of a octopus-feeling.

I agree with Mari, she kind of does look more like a bat.

Its very cute, but maybe you could've used less red and blue, and a tiny bit more purple. Just my feedback!


              a questionable person.

Cute~! I love it

Mari, please be a bit nicer. She just wants to showcase her characters like everybody else does. Just trying to prove a point... again.


                           a questionable person.

Cute~ love it so much!


           a questionable person

Saying this to Mari, but she/he can post anything he wants on here, except for a few things... but she can post on MGM, and show her characters to everyone. This whole comment section is just like a showcase. No offense, I'm just trying to prove a point.

n o

Love of how you made a different version of the game, I Saw Her.

Sadly, I'm broke, but it still looks like such a good game, I wish I could get it. Wish you luck on any games you may or may not make in the future!


                 a questionable person

I havent played it and I'm too busy too, but it seems like a good game and I wish you luck with any future games you may or may not make. <3


      a questionable person.

this reminds me of a game on nintendo 2ds, its called Zara The Fastest Fairy

but this game isnt bad like Zara The Fastest Fairy

because Zara The Fastest Fairy was worth it

this looks fun

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This is Nami, she is a fish monster.

She is lesbian (homosexual), currently married with Kaiyo.

She likes to go to beaches, usually when she is by a beach she swims in the deep sea for 30 minutes to 2 hours. There has only been a few accidents in the deep sea.

She sadly doesnt know her biological parents. But she has foster mothers. She was raised by two travelers, and met Kaiyo during traveling, so she said to her mothers that she would stay in Oregon with Kaiyo. Her parents moved to Oregon with her, but they still travel.

Her age is 25, she has been with Kaiyo for 9 years. Her child is Kohana.

Her hobby is swimming and reading, her favorite book is The Martian. Her favorite colors are Yellow, Gray, Pink, and White. She has a very good mindset, but she is able to cry easily. 

This is Midori, her name means green.

She is very cheerful and always in a great mood. She is just a normal leaf elf. Her theme is Green. She loves stuffed animals and anything fluffy. She loves animals and nature, and shes an outdoor person. She loves to hike and climb trees. She is great at climbing rock walls.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Traits: Clumsy, carefree, and energetic.

Bisexuality: Asexual

ovo u know danganronpa?


This is Kin.

Her name means golden.

She is a fire leaf elf. Her favorite colors are orange and yellow. She is actually transgender, but he prefers to be called a she. Her favorite food is Spagheti, and her favorite desert is macarons. She has trust issues, and she is quite mysterious.

Age: 23

Favorite Friend: Mara

Dream Job: Dentist

Sexuality: Homosexual

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The monster above is called Mana. The name Mana means Truth.

This is Mana. She is very creative. She may have had a bad past but she is still very very happy! She is always honest and she can spot out any lie! She loves to run and jump around. She is a mini little wolf inside of her! She was a normal human but then she got possessed by a lost soul, so her species is a possessed human. She loves the color pink and blue! She also absolutely loves nature too! Her current age is 21, but on August 20th, she will become 22.

Her sexuality is currently bisexual. The lost soul was seen as a truthful soul, which means she has been blessed with honesty. Sometimes it doesn't turn out good, but most of the times she doesn't get in trouble. She is currently a couple with Nozomi.

This is what Mana says about herself.

` ` I personally think that I'd be a great lie detector, for anytime someone lies I always catch them! No one is able to outrun me either, I'm the fastest in the university, someday I could run a marathon because of my energy! And I'm super super good at baseball! ` `

Wish I could but I have no coding skills.

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This is Nozomi. (My first creation)

She is a very shy and well behaved monster. She likes to hang out at Boba Cafes. Her dream is to be able to make peace throughout the world. She likes to make other people happy. She is very careful with everything. She loves spring and hates winter, because it makes her way to cold. Her lover right now is Mana.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Favorite Colors: Yellow, Pink, and every pastel color.

Type: Half Fish.

Fears: Needles and Tight Spaces

Weakness: Her lungs, she cant breathe good.

Hobbys: Reading.

Age: 20

Sorry if it looks kind of bad! It was my first ever creation.

I get it, Trick or Treat. The two best friends.