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Feels fairly difficult to me. I think I can never pass the damn bridge in Rockpath!

Anyway, great game. The physics seems very realistic. The idea is awesome - if all you can do is slight left and right steering and everything else is controlled by the gravity and the initial impulse, what is your chance to reach the end? That's what snowboarders do, I guess.

Amazing! Hope to see more from you! Perhaps... a sequel? :)

Also, maybe it would be cool to give the Zero guy some specific powers and a place in the battle. I wonder what does he do while the girls kick asses. Just sitting watching the fight from a distance?

Mordina is so OP by the way

Great game, both the concept and the execution. Very atmospheric, thanks to the music which fits perfectly.

I liked the ambiguity in the end BTW :)

Very nice game with some interesting details to explore away from the main plot. The art gallery is fun :)

By the way, is there only one ending? I thought that the encounter on the bridge suggests possible alternate ending, but I couldn't activate it.

Fast, fun and super addictive!

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Awesome game, especially for wanna-be musicians. So you think you could do music but don't know where to start? Here's your QWER, start training your fingers :)

Can you leave the objects on screen clickable after completing the rhythm? Blending room noises into music would be cool.

The bell on level 2 is tough.