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There are 2 bits left on Mickey's page that I cannot find

I'm having the same issue with the game freezing up my whole computer. It makes the game entirely unplayable. It's a shame, because it seems like a good game.

where did you find the wig?

dang, yeah idk what function makes it pause when talking!

Where in the files did you see a wait command?

wonder if there'd be a way to mod it in?

Could you maybe make a guide to the endings? Also, after reaching the epilouge, it won't let me use the "start" button any more, only the "load".

one of my favorite games hands down! im sad that im almost done! Just gotta find the wig and how to get into the security office.

honestly the game is so underrated! where are all the big youtubers on this? where's all the analysis guys? like holy crap

because could be "b/c"

Haven't tried it out yet, but this sounds AMAZING for someone like me with Autism and memory issues! I've always struggled with summarizing!