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Did you ever do it? it's a good song

What are the controls?

Huh. Interesting! I'll definitely check it out! I'm about to be in a dark campaign so this might be cool!

Hello! Do you think you could make an accessibility version with just white backgrounds? I just have a little trouble reading with the paper backgrounds

Thanks I hate love this

Ohoho now THIS, this is tempting! Thanks for having community copies ♥! This is a very promising possible race for my new DnD character. 

I used to own pet rats so getting to play a cute lil guy would be so fun

Okay cool, thanks

Is there a guide for this? I'm having trouble finding "joy" in the first puzzle

No wonder it looked so good then! I was kinda sad when it was over cuz it was very hot hehe

Perhaps a good compromise would be some sort of "skip" button to skip the scene (whilst getting maybe a small summary for if anything important happened character-wise)

Dude, chill. Some people are into NTR, yknow? Just cause you don't like it doesn't mean the game was bad- it just didn't appeal to you since you aren't into the kink.

What the hell did you use to animate this? Cause hot fuckin damn the models are so cute and the animations are leagues better than I expected! I can't wait to see what you do next! It'll surely be hot!

ohohohoho the artbook is so good guys. the whole thing is good, but the last two pages... let's just say they give you more to think about in regards to the lore

I cant wait to see where this concept goes in the future! I'd love to know more about the Void and the Goddess!

*********BIG SPOILERS!!!*****************





I'd like to believe in the second life. And that's because in the end, Eames got the core he wanted so badly. I don't know what "transcending the cycle" means, but I want to be like Eames- hopeful. If he got the core, maybe his goddess really is as kind as he thought, y'know? And regardless of transcendence or not, I think she'd give them another go around if she can.

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:O darn it didn't come with my bundle. I'm v tempted tho!

*********SPOILERS!!!********* (itch c'mon add a way to spoiler our comments already dangit)

I do wish we would have gotten slightly more about what "transcending" meant. But, then again, I like how the game leaves certain things about the religion vague. It makes it feel...more realistic? Because no matter your religion irl, it's impossible for you as one person to know the whole truth. 

And there's also the question of at what point religion turns into cultism. Not finding out the whole truth about his backstory also made him feel real. It made him feel more human. 

Real people who have suffered trauma... we never know the full story of what those who caused our trauma were thinking. Why they hurt us the way they did. How they justified it to themselves. Real life trauma sufferers are left wondering all the time why we were treated the way we were. Sadly, most of us never really get a full answer, because those who hurt us either aren't around any more, or they still think they were justified. 

So whilst some stories might be annoying when they don't give answers... I mostly think leaving things up to interpretation was a good move here.

...Transcendence is the only thing I wish would have been hinted at a little better. We weren't given much at all to go off of, unlike other aspects of the story.

It's like a VN combined with an RPGMaker game! Isn't that so clever? And the!

holy shit... This was wonderful. I couldn't put it down at all once I started! Such a touching story, and I'm very impressed by the clever ways the game engine was utilized, too! I wouldn't have thought to use the mechanics of RPGMaker or something like that to make cleaning minigames!

The story was wonderful, and I loved the ending, too. It was a great way to end it, I think. I'm still processing the emotions it gave me and my interpretation!

Are there other passwords besides the Happy ones?

Is Happy the only host you can...y'know...

Is this for pc?

 :o ooooo I'll update then hehe

Yeah , big agree. It's unfortunately very distracting and confusing and makes it hard to focus on what's actually happening.

I'd definitely say have someone look over it and correct it. I'd reccomend the dev check Fiverr; they might could find a cheap script corrector person there

Ah ok, cool!

Hi hi! I'm encountering an error!

Directly after this screen, I get:


Great! And yeah, if I ever mess with Twine, I'll keep you in mind if I have any questions! Thank you!

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Lmao you're welcome! 

Ah, so you were going for "men who like wearing woman's clothes sometimes". I see! Let's see... In that case, maybe the term "crossdressers" or "drag queens" would be more along the lines of what you are looking for 😊!

Glad to help. And ooo, I am very much excited to see those kinks eventually then! Thanks for responding.

My favorite kink overall is always bondage~

And dw, I'm the only one who ever really uses my itch account haha. It's enough effort already keeping up with 2 discord accounts lol. But mainly, I buy a lot of those massive itchio bundles that happen once or twice a year, and I just don't wanna have to buy them twice just to hide a few NSFW games onto a separate itch account. So, 🤷 I just bite the bullet and get horny on main here lmao

Always happy to see a creator who replies to feedback! Makes me all the more eager to keep track of the development of this.

What program are you writing this in? I should try writing a few stories myself with it!


Ok, thank you! I'll have to check it out then :)

Are there certain triggers? Like stalking, sexual assault, child abuse, or anything? I would like to know before playing.

The Boss in the cold world has no checkpoints it seems, and whenever we get hit it's a one hit kill. Could checkpoints be added, or an easier mode?

Not too bad! It's got potential! I am eager to see where the unfinished routes wind up going~

There are a few typos here and there, but nothing too distracting. The current routes are nice! Though going through a route only to find it unfinished is a little bothersome. Perhaps when you're about to make a choice that leads to an unfinished route, there could be a note saying that? That way we don't start to find a route and end up at a dead end? Just a thought. 

All in all, I like the game so far.

Main thing I'd suggest right now is an easy fix. Just changing  a word, basically: During the Pantyhose route, when the girl's day and boy's day at the shop is about to start, the main character wonders if the mistress is talking about "transvestites". This is an outdated term that many trans people, especially trans women, aren't really comfortable with, in my experience. I'd say in this case, saying "trans women"/"transgender women" or "trans people"/"transgender people" might be better? 

Or, if you wanna get dirty about it, might I suggest "chicks with dicks"? :P That might fit in better considering how your story is worded, haha.

This isn't me calling you out or anything! I've got no ill will or bad faith for you. I realize that people don't just magically know this stuff unless someone tells them! So I figured I'd just let you know and offer you some alternative words!

.....Speaking of trans people, I hope that's planned in the story haha. Some non-transitioned trans girls with large dicks for our protagonist to suck off~ That'd be hot~ 

A nonbinary character would be neat at some point too. 

Overall though my main gripe with the story is how the protagonist seems to faint every time she orgasms. It was interesting the first time, but it gets really trope-y and a bit weird when it's in multiple routes. How many real life girls straight up faint after orgasming? Is that a common thing that I just haven't heard of? Or is that simply a kink in itself or something? I mean this as constructive criticism, not hate. To me, it seems like this fainting may be a quick shortcut/excuse to timeskip. I'd maybe try to think of other ways to gloss over the passage of time? 

That's just my personal opinion though. Some people might be super into that? Idk. It's just my thoughts.

As for what I'd like to see some of in the future: (non-lethal) heavy choking/breath play/asphixiation; some multiple orgasm torture (making her cum over and over til it hurts); and maybe some chastity belt with tease and denial until she's super desperate~

.........One of these days I really should make a second itch account for nsfw stuff instead of being horny on main like this lmao

I'll have to check those games of yours out and see the difference, and I'll keep my eye out on Fanatical and Humble Bundle for Naninovel! Thanks!

No rush! Whenever you can lol 

BTW what system do you use to make your VNs?

* reads description *

oh cool a sort of creepy VN

* sees "TW: Cannibalism" *


.... Now I'm especially tempted to know where on earth that could come in, based on just the plot description lol

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Can't afford right now but maybe soon I hope :) 

The more game-ified poms, the better!

aw man, roomscale! wish i had more space cause this looks so cool!

Hi hi! i'd like to ask: is it all vanilla, or does it cater to various fetishes, or what? I'm just wondering! /gen