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That's really cool! Thank you for telling me :) 

I'm on Android myself, but I'm so happy to hear it's available for IOS people! I'll have to ask my niece if she thinks it would help her since she's got an IOS :D .

It's really good to hear! I wish there were a lot more gamifying tools like this for all kinds of stuff. It's honestly shocking how there are hardly any gamifications of the Pomodoro technique! And the few that do exist require the app to be open at all times which is silly cause like, what if what I need to do is on my phone???

So, what I mean is, this is such a genuinely helpful thing and tysm for making it! Legit one of a kind. Even on itch I haven't found another game like this :D. You're doing a great help.

Okay cool, thank you! I'll just mark the stream/vid as age restricted then, and I'm sure everything will be fine :)

Just to be sure, is there any NSFW actually depicted? I would like to stream this on twitch or record a video of it for youtube, but I need to make sure it isn't against TOS first re: NSFW. It looks fun!

Is it supposed to let you beat the game without doing that?

LOL what was the battery meant for?

Do I need to have played YAGS?

Just a note, on the game description. Autism isn't a disease, it's a disorder.

What a cute, sweet little thing about growth. Beautiful, poetic!

Aw, the link to the virtual room one doesn't work.

Fair enough! I'd suggest a little blurb saying that in the tutorial stuff then. Unless there already is and I just missed it lol

Oh, and I know we have the "tick-tock" option in the settings, but ticking clocks give me anxiety lol. So I think maybe it'd be cool if there was an option to make a little "ding!" or something every 5 minutes. I'm wondering if it might help me learn to become more aware of the passage of time as I do my tasks, because then if I'm away from my computer I can estimate how much time I have left based on how many "ding"s I've heard each cycle! 

Just a suggestion! Love the game ♥ it's been v helpful!

Thank you! I'll keep this all in mind. I've considered Python before, but I've never looked into Lua! I think my goal is eventually to learn C#, but I figure it'd be better to start with Python or Lua. 

Tysm for the links to programs to try!!! I wouldn't have known what programs to even use to try out these coding methods n stuff. I'll absolutely check those out :) 

What makes things easier for me is game creation programs that are WYSIWYG for easily seeing what you're affecting. Or, if I want to just learn the programming straight out, I think I'd love to find some sort of game that teaches it. With my ADHD, gamification works wonders on keeping me engaged. 

Hence why TLoP is amazing! Let me just say, I was SO happy when I found this game. I was having no luck finding any games that game-ified coping mechanisms other than like, breathing ones! Then I saw this game and was like "this is EXACTLY what I was looking for holy crap!"

Id love to make games like this one day. Not exactly like this of course, but maybe for other coping mechanisms and stuff. Basically, I'd love to learn to make games that help people like yours helps me :D

Ah, I see! I just wish there was a way to get the full version on mobile. But even the trial version is not too limited, so that's fine!

I was wondering about a coding thing too btw. Would you recommend Lua as a good starting language to learn, or do you think I would do better learning python or something first to get a feel for programming languages?

Would there be a way to get the steam version to work on mobile at all? It seems like the web version here does, but the full game on steam has no way to work on mobile. Is this something that might be possible in the future perhaps? Some sort of mobile full release? I'd pay for it again .

I would love for there to be an explanation of how the pause system works.

Owo is that a "they" I see? Nonbinary protagonist? I might have to give it a shot!

The kinder choices were actually so much hotter! Deleting the video, letting it become a more healthy relationship and not pushing Sam too far... It is sweet, and normally I goo for more hardcore stuff. But I was shocked at how much I loved the kinder routes. Sam is really well designed!

Dude , this is one of my favorite creepy games to date! There's so much going on, so many secrets to unlock, and so so much story to speculate on! 

It's absolutely WILD that this doesn't have more attention! I've never made a let's play video before but this game makes me want to, just to bring more attention to it! 

There are still some secrets I haven't figured out, like the security room, and one of the manniken pieces, and I was hoping to find some tutorials sometime! I'll have to play again and see what's left to do! 

If you don't mind me saying, while I love that this game is so affordable at $5, I super feel like you might be underselling yourself! This is a game I would pay $15-20 for at the least! 

I cannot wait to see what you come up with next in your games, if you're still making games!

I sure don't understand exactly what was going on here, but dang, it was pretty spooky. You did a good job with the ambiance!

For some reason my Samsung won't install it. Weird.

As someone who only made it through life with their abusive grandparents (lived with them) by having the internet be their coping mechanism and support system, I heavily relate to this, especially the roleplaying parts.

If it wasn't for a roleplaying forum where I met two of my best friends (who I have gotten to meet irl a few times now!), I'm not sure I ever would have gotten up the courage to leave. But knowing that even if I moved to my Dad's to get away, to escape- that I'd still have my online support system to give me, well, support, made it at all possible.

If I had never met these "strangers" online, I... don't know what I'd have done.

But now I am out, and I know myself so much better! and I am happier than I ever could have been! So please, anyone out there suffering, know that it CAN get better. You are not alone.

Hi! I'm enjoying the game, but I do not understand how the "Is" command works? Can you please explain it? Every time I try it tells me the folder path or application "isn't in this user's directory"??? Pls help

I'm having the same issue with the game freezing up my whole computer. It makes the game entirely unplayable. It's a shame, because it seems like a good game.

where did you find the wig?

dang, yeah idk what function makes it pause when talking!

Where in the files did you see a wait command?

wonder if there'd be a way to mod it in?

Could you maybe make a guide to the endings? Also, after reaching the epilouge, it won't let me use the "start" button any more, only the "load".

one of my favorite games hands down! im sad that im almost done! Just gotta find the wig and how to get into the security office.

honestly the game is so underrated! where are all the big youtubers on this? where's all the analysis guys? like holy crap

because could be "b/c"

Haven't tried it out yet, but this sounds AMAZING for someone like me with Autism and memory issues! I've always struggled with summarizing!