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Oh he's ukrainian?

rar for android dpes the trick as well

bro update or smth

Maybe a content update, or a little bit of story

more varieties in the looks of gals, 

more of what you can do with them

-was thinking different positions or livestreaming for more in game cash

and as the other guy said probably a shop

but! these are all just suggestions! The game is already perfect as it is haha

If I leave the game running at any point for a long time (it doesn't matter if its in game, in battle, on main menu, in a town, on the map etc.) the sound will turn off after awhile and I have to close and restart the program to get it to work again. The fast and dirty thing I can think of is to create a save+restart combo button to get that to work again lol 

" no ntr "


I'm curious if there's going to be more content or was that restroom an oversight?

who knows. 

Since all the females in this game have huge udders... why not do a small scene for milking them? Like if you find a farmer's milking machine that's broken and its repair manual. The milk could even be a health item! could even build a stall in the upstairs restroom to give that room a bit of purpose. or in the basement common area.  Heck, with the massive front yard, why not just make a stable? The material cost is prolly going to be massive but it does provide some after-main-story gameplay/goals.  Could even get a few outfits for it. 

I'm willing to purchase that as a whole ass DLC. 

Do the main characters ever get out of Zomi?

I had this problem too. 

I loved this! I wonder if I can probably make a small game console around it. tbh that will be years in the future when I don't have to worry about my grades lol

I dont thonk shez finished yet

you would need to open the apk  and follow the installation instructions