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Hey, thanks! And sorry for the late reply, itch seems to have not notified me of a new comment!

Fun little concept here and the music is jammin'! I agree with folks about the jetpack controls. My strategy was to just never actually land. Accidentally pressing jump making one fall got me sometimes. I think I'd just like to press up to leave the ground on my jetpack, no  jump distinction.

I may be the wrong person to share this with. I just made the NES version as a fan game. I'm not affiliated with the team who made the versions you reviewed.

Yo, cool video! The backstory is a bit mixed up though. This is based on a modern game you can download free here:

But I made basically 100% of the NES version from scratch recently all by myself, it's not a hack of an unreleased game from back in the day. It's definitely worth trying the modern game its based on just to compare the two.

And to answer your question from the video, it does indeed work on an actual NES! Thanks for playing and making a video!