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It's released. It's short. It was based on the Indivisible Indiegogo prototype, and not the full game of Indivisible, released after this was done. It has only the content from that prototype. I would rather do an original project than make a really long fan game

I cannot. I don't own a mac to test it on, even if I could figure out the build process. A web build is slightly more likely, but I'd want to change the backend before attempting either

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There isn't a solution that doesn't involve resizing your frames, or programming your own ROM, unfortunately. I-CHR is designed more for detecting and creating data for a scene that reuses animated tiles like this one from Kirby's Adventure:

rather than true full screen animation. I-CHR's tile count (and palette detection) works across frames.
Say for example frame 1 is half white (left side), and half black (right side). 
And say you you have a 128x240 image that is placed on both the right/left side on frame 2.

If you load only frame 1, you'd get 2 tiles.
If you load only frame 2, say you got 64 tiles.
If you load both frames the tile count might be 128.

Why? Even if the right/left sides of the image in frame 2 are identical, all of the tiles on the left side of the entire animation have white in the first frame, and all of the tiles on the right side of the animation have black as the first frame. For I-CHR to consider a tile the same, the section of the image has to match across all frames.

If you work in a 128x128 resolution in the future, you can get up to 64 frames of four color arbitrary animation.
Alternatively, you can import each frame individually to get data you could put into a ROM you program yourself (assuming each individual frame is less than 256 tiles). You cannot get an automatic animated ROM, though. It's not impossible to eventually support, but I'm on other projects at the moment. Even the improved beta doesn't do it.

Edit: That said, I have a version of the program can do lossy tile reduction (your animation will no longer be pixel perfect), but there are reasons it isn't released yet. This is an example of how the animation you posted would look: 

It is almost certainly possible to do it lossless, but not with code I already have

This is unlikely to be updated. If you are cornered by the boss, wall jumping over him is better than using the axe

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This ROM is based on this Prototype:

The ROM contains nearly every area in that prototype, though without collapsible floors. (One small room is also not in to make one path have one fewer step.) The ROM was released in September 2017. The full game with the scenes you mention came out in October of 2019, a full two years after this ROM. To get the axe to stick, you have to hold the button down for about a quarter of a second, not press and release it. There's not really a team, I did all the art, music, and programming (sans the music library and very small snippets) for this game alone, though I did have a few testers.  It is unlikely to be updated, and it represents the game that was available when it was released. A demake of the full game would be a much different project.

There are no difficulty settings. This game is pretty unlikely to be updated, but that boss is more or less the end of the game anyway. The boss is a doozy, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing!

Excellent work on this! I love the swagger on the main character's walk

Mac is a little unlikely for now. The current backend doesn't support it, and even for a command line version I don't own a mac to test it, unfortunately

Glad you enjoy the spin! There's a much improved version of this program upcoming, but I've given up trying to estimate a time for its release. It's pretty niche, in any case

MMC3. Fine CHR bank switching is extremely helpful for all the animation.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, thanks! And sorry for the late reply, itch seems to have not notified me of a new comment!

Fun little concept here and the music is jammin'! I agree with folks about the jetpack controls. My strategy was to just never actually land. Accidentally pressing jump making one fall got me sometimes. I think I'd just like to press up to leave the ground on my jetpack, no  jump distinction.

I may be the wrong person to share this with. I just made the NES version as a fan game. I'm not affiliated with the team who made the versions you reviewed.

Yo, cool video! The backstory is a bit mixed up though. This is based on a modern game you can download free here:

But I made basically 100% of the NES version from scratch recently all by myself, it's not a hack of an unreleased game from back in the day. It's definitely worth trying the modern game its based on just to compare the two.

And to answer your question from the video, it does indeed work on an actual NES! Thanks for playing and making a video!