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Wow, finally a new asset by you lol. Great work as always

How and why is this great asset free?!?

Thanks! Looking forward to it

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I initially had air control but I took it down because the player could spam-climb walls by combining the wall jump and air control. I'm not sure if I want that or not. And you can drop from ledges by pressing the button of the opposite direction. (Although it's a little buggy right now I'm working on it).

So far there are motion detectors and security cameras, planning to add laser bolts and guards (using the same character sprites but with different colors). If you get detected, you lose.

I know you don't have a lot of time but I'll need some more animations for the prototype guy. So whenever you're free to do commission work, please let me know because I'm very eager to work with you!

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Oh my god my bad lmao. I saved it as a draft. I made it public now you should be able to see it:

Stealth Platformer by kasragamedev (

that's strange. The link works for me. Just click the download button and it automatically downloads the zip file for you.

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Hey fam idk if you remember me from earlier but I'm the guy who suggested a simple walk cycle.

Check out and play the game I'm making with this:

I've written a brief of what I intend to make out of it in the description.

This is absolutely awesome. Excuse my audacity, but if by any chance you plan to update him, a simple walk cycle would be great

Would you be down to making it as a commission?

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Can we get a dash sprite for the next version? A single frame will be enough. We can use the flames from the turning back to human animation as the flame trails behind him when he's dashing.

I say he can hold his sword like this during the dash

main-qimg-8959e7846b9de7a7a1cb3202182c2df7-lq (279×246) (

Also if you ever wanna expand this guy, a ledge climb will be nice!

The King's another badass boss enemy in my in-development game! This guy's awesome

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You're just badass that's all I have to say. Just started to learn pixel art along with my game, seems like a long journey.

This guy is awesome. Just finished making him a badass boss enemy in my game