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Seems like a nice set. I haven't used unity in a while, but maybe i'll check it out in unity and give more feedback later...

Yes i still have the game. 

If everything works fine it should be downloadable for free via the sale.

In case that doesn't work, there's a free-download-link below:

I made a game called Sky Lab Defender.

I'm giving away the  game for free for now, hoping to get some feedback.

Here`s the link to my game:

What do you think?

I have been working a while now on a new game:

It's a 3d shooter. I made everything myself: The music, the models, the code and everything else.

The fundament of the game is finished. But it still needs to be balanced and polished. 

If i sell some copies, i´ll make more content and improve the game.

If you want to review or test the game, I can give you a download key. 

I'm curious what people think of the game, let me know!

Kasper V