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Hi Dean,

I'm maybe interested. Do you want to add me on Discord Kasper#7745? So we can talk about what you're ideas are and how we can make it happen!

With kind regards.

Kasper de Bruin

Hi Sarah, could you send me you're Discord id, or something else where I can contact you? This project seems very promissing and fun to work on!

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Hi everyone, 

My name is Kasper and I'm a programmer :) I'm currently in college to learn the ins and outs of game development and a bit of design, before this I worked as an IT Manager and just used Unity to make games(prototypes) as an hobby. Now after 3 years messing around and just figuring stuff out in Unity, Unreal, Java, I am ready for an project and finish it! I love to work in a team with an clear vission and no nonsense so if youre that kind of team and want an good developer than message me on Discord: Kasper#7745 and lets talk! if you need any other information just leave an comment!

My portfolio: (its still all in dutch sorry for that, still need to translate everything)

You're discord link isnt worrking

Hi, I kind of abandoned the project, to get more experience in other fields. Definitely going to pick this up again at a later time! :)

Awesome, game looks really nice! Maybe make the buttons more interactive on the home screen :) 

Going to use this for a test looks really cool:) if i keep it you ofcourse get an contribution ;)