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I kinda feel like the attack is kinda delay makes it quite hard to attack. I think the green enemy is really hard to kill. It would be nice if we could throw the spear. That way it will would be easier to hit the green enemy.

Besides that the art and animation is great. Great job!

10/10 creativity. With some polish this game could be really fun.

Having a sound when a dice is placed. When place a dice next to another seeing that action in real time would be great. For an example seeing the numbers go up or down 1 by 1. And then once it reaches the number it will make a sound and have a scale animation.

It would be nice if we had a certain time to swap the dices. Like swap the dices in 10 seconds or smth.

I really enjoyed it. Great job!

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It would nice to be able to grab the dice and throw it at these monsters. Since I would've more control. Besides that I had really fun. The art and concept is great!

My score was 33.

There could have been some more sounds. But besides that I really enjoyed it.

Good job!

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Thanks. I think the controls are fine. The problem is the notes are shaking too much which causes them to bounce/move around. I've fixed it and will probably release it once the jam rating is over. With that being said, I now know the importance of early playtesting :)

I didn't know what to do so I was walking and once I came back to where I was first I saw that the number and the level changed. Probably the most unique concept in the jam so far.  

Ah, I love screen shake + lots of obstacles to avoid. I found that the obstacles aren't spawning that much at the corner hehe. Was quite fun. Good job.

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Thanks, you can check out the about section on our page or watch the gameplay video if you have no clue how to play

Alright, thanks

Ah, amazing concept! This took lots of brainpower. Was kinda hard to manage all these moving obstacles. Really enjoyed this. Well done!

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Ah, the art is amazing! The music and gameplay are very nice. Very impressed that this was made in 10 days,

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Amazing shaders! Really nice concept and gameplay.

Ah, this is the most polished game I've played so far. I really enjoyed this a lot. Screen shake + lots of bullets is a really nice combo. It gets hard quite fast.

This was fun. Sadly it ended up so quickly.

Ah, took me some time to get used to the controls. I love the dash effect, always spamming the dash button lol. Nice platformer game.

Ah, I like that the obstacles are moving. First time I've seen a shooter game like this. Pretty cool concept and art.

Ah, very nice concept. I died several times because it was hard to see.

Ah, this one was cool. It would be nice if everything was interactable.

Ah, very polished game. Screen shake, particle effects, squeeze jump and so much more. Good job!

Lol, I felt completely ignored at first. Really cool game.

It would be nice if this game had animations.

Ah, love this!

Ah, this is addicting. It was hard to control the snake at first but it got the hang of it a few minutes later.

Wow! I really enjoyed this. The shader on this game is amazing!

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Thanks, fixed the visual issue.

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The"0/2" under every item that never changes was a feature that I didn't have time to implement. I'll update it today.


I'm glad you liked the death effect :)

This was fun, I like the concept. Great job!

Got 4200 gold. It was really fun. I like when the goblins send these purple things haha. It was quite challenging. Great job!

Nice adventure game. Great job!


I thought it was clear haha, don't you see heart pumping.

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Ur right, but in order to use the limitation, I had to make that last lava kill you since health is your weapon.

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Dragging the skull slowly while lava flows makes the game much easier. Dragging too fast would cause it to fall which is a part of the puzzle.

Lava flows to the right cause I wanted it to be a bit more challenging since you wouldn't expect that.

Congratulations and thanks for playing.

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Haha, most of the players rush when they drag the skull. If you drag the skull slowly while lava is flowing then the game is no more than a simple puzzle game :)

The last lava is for players to think they got extra lava but that would kill them.

Lava flows to the right cause I wanted it to be a bit more challenging since you wouldn't expect that.

Thanks for playing

This was fun, nice art style and it was quite challenging. Great job!

This was really fun, great art style and I love the music. Great job!

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Aye, this game rocks. The art style is amazing, the mechanics were on point. Great job!

Thank you,

I thought none would make it to the end. But you proved me wrong. congratulations!

Yeah, that usually was the catch at the first level where you drag then spawn lava and let it do its job. It's a little different on other levels :)

Good luck!

Haha thanks!
You are more cracked than me. Ur game was great and super challenging.