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ahh I feel so silly! I could have sworn I spoke to the barmaid but I must have been reading through it too fast lol...

yo im extremely early in the game to be making comments but i have two thoughts! one: It would be nice if the bed in the inn that the player can sleep in was like clearly marked? I know that being in the room with the mirror makes it stand out some, but a concrete indicator that this is the player's room would have been very helpful to someone as inattentive as me, lol.

two: The way the magic shops like. work? is absolutely beautiful. When I opened my first one I was so excited by the very concept of it I had to go tell my friends about it, it's just. So. Cool. Like, why give every town a magic shop and a checkpoint/teleporter when you could just have one building do double duty? or sextuple duty?? its brilliant

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the game, thank you for making it!!

This is a really lovely game, I think. Okay maybe 'lovely' isn't exactly the right word but I enjoyed it a lot. I was expecting the battle system to be more frightening than it was, but in reality, I was a lot more uncomfortable avoiding battles than I was facing them... life lesson perhaps? When you try to conserve ammo/avoid fights, all you can do is pray you don't run into anything, but when you face them down, a cool head and a steady hand will win every time, complete with that incredibly satisfying flash of red. If I can take down invisible demons without missing a shot, I can certainly quit a job~

Besides that, the game was more trans than I expected (always a good thing) and the, like, monologue bit at the end was frank and open in a way that definitely struck a chord with me.

My only complaint with the game is that I think I got a little too confident and skipped some parts to swing right for the endgame, but then, I can go back and find everything another time, and I suppose allowing me to exit on my own isn't really a bad thing.

Keep on making great things, LOVE!