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Same thing for me. I had to zoom in my computer screen and then it worked well. Would be good to fix though.

Also, I saw no rocks while I played. ^ ^;; I tried twice but no cigar. Still enjoyed it but maybe a glitch.

I really enjoyed playing through this game a lot. The characters are really lovely, the mythos seems fleshed out, and the actual mechanics are simple and satisfying. I really like how the game sort of forces you to be still.

Would love more of this!

Really enjoying this so far! Super chill and nice a e s t h e t i c s. How many episodes are you planning on making?

I’m having a great time playing this. The mix of text adventure and the aesthetic of the graphics are mwah. I also really like how many different paths there are (and the shortcuts so I don’t get frustrated while playing it over and over and over again).