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Kareem alramlawi

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I'm very sorry but the game is 50% finished

Very cool but i can't see the relation to the theme 

Completed it on my 3rd try

Gambling is bad kids

*Bomb defused*

Man It's good and hard on mobile but good



Very beautiful Story i would spill myself when i blink to mars

Cool game in 30 minutes

Thanks *POG*

looks like my training really paid off 

thanks for playing my game

Thanks *POG* *POG*

I don't mean that  the whole game is off topic it's just sometimes you need to get 3rd or 2nd place which doesn't make sense if the mafia wants you to fail. nothing huge just a minor mistake.

best tetris game i have ever played

i finished the game without killing myself

i used the double jump by jumping precisly to the corner and just spam the spacebar

not playable

yeah good luck 

btw i killed those bad guys with a tree somehow?

the is cool with narator 

but this game is lacking the instructions

you have to play it to understand the problem

i can't say much but cool coop game

very basic i like it

very tough game tbh

but pretty cool mechanics *POG*

I can't finish the first level 

this game was cool at first but there is a big gap that you can't jump

sorry but the game is almost impossible

I got no words

It's epic *POG*

The game is pretty cool
the atmosphere is very deep. *POG*

*POG* cool heartstone I didn't need of tutorials

maybe I'm epic gamer

cool concept my comrade *POG*

there is problem when I click play in-between the transition

 it gets stuck and rotates faster if I click play again.


the background is less detailed than expected but that's ok

cool concept and amazing work in 12 hours

I'm amazed

that is a true story of the tree when we are talking about today

poor trees

it's little off topic that's all

cool game bro 

the dialogue is funny

but the fun doesn't rises cause it doesn't get harder.

(1 edit)

Your game is 100% in my list

the game is gut

great game found some cool glitches

I played it for hours

got about 2000 points 

cool physics man

concept is good but 

too much text

the UI is small(coin counters and restart level buttons)

I think you know my comment on  the stream but

in summery the characters is unique on it's own

the relateness to the future real world is cool and thoughtfull

nice timing and very amazed the way you make it relate to the topic

nice timing and very amazed the way you make it relate to the topic