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Hi, I just bought your game. Seems the Linux version doesn't seem to have the Winds of Change version yet. Could you upload the newest version for Linux? Thx!

Will there be a linux version?

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Will there be a Linux version? 


The game looks cool on your video, but the sprites won't load on my pc :(

Really liked your game. It already feels like a full-fledged game. Just two minor bugs I found:
- After I raided, I had a negative amount of bronze armor. I didn't produce/buy any armor, just weapons.
- When using two screens, fullscreen doesn't really work properly. Windowed mode does work however. I am using the Linux version of your game.

Maybe you have already found or heard of these bugs, but I mention them just in case :)

You're welcome :).

I just played the game, really liked the graphics, also very simple and fun concept. However, finding the last few cats took me a tad too long. Maybe you could add some kind of cat-transport mechanic to speed up the cats that have to walk from the other side of the map?

I see what the problem is: I tried to launch the game from the app, which doesn't show this button because it has to know which file(s) belong to which operating system. Have you set the operating system for the file? Like this?

I can't download this game. Have you uploaded the game yet?

Really liking the game. I just wanted to be able to look around using my controller.

Talking about underrated games? This one is definitely one on the list. Never could have thought that this game would be so good. Usually a games that are all about physics are very glitchy. This one isn't :D

Also, the game has a nice art style

that's unfortunate :(

I had the impression it was a 'Fight the Dragon'-like game.

I guess this game isn't what is was looking for (I didn't like Dota that much). Anyway, thanks for the fast response :)

Does this game have controller support?

I tried that. No succes unfortunatly. :(

Since I need to use a Windows computer for my study, I decided to uninstall Linux on my computer.

Anyhow, thanks for the reply. :)

Rebuild / Resist community · Created a new topic OS X bug

The game's version doesn't run properly on the current version of Love.

hmmm... yes. If you are using Unity it's tough to fix problems like that :/

I have this problem with other unity games too :(

I can't launch the game on my computer :(

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 (x64) computer.

Can you upload a trailer or something? I wanna see some match gameplay to get a better idea of the game. Does the game also have AI btw?

It didn't work unfortunately, I got this message (in Dutch :p):

'Er is voor bestandstype 'uitvoerbaar bestand' geen toepassing geïnstalleerd.
Wilt u zoeken naar een toepassing om dit bestand mee te openen?'

It basically says that there is no program installed to support this executable. I guess the computer doesn't know that the executable should run on itself and use the data from the folder.

Thanks for publishing a 64-bit version, though.

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 btw

Can you make an x64 Linux version of the game?