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Per your request, the latest Campaign Manager posted now supports formatting (via HTML tags) in the Encounter Notes. There is a "View Mode" checkbox that will interpret html tags (such as <b>Bold</b> <i>Italic</I> and <u>Underline</u> (as well as <h1>, <h2>, etc..) and render them properly.


Thanks for the feedback! And sorry for the late reply; I just saw your message.

Good idea with formatting on the notes section. I have that with assets right now via typing in html tags, but for the notes it would need a more traditional user interface like Word has. I'll get that in.

There are benefits with Encounters forcing unique names (keeps out ambiguity if you're selecting one from a dropdown list for example). Perhaps if an Encounter was enclosed within a Region that could help differentiate them, but that's not a reliable indicator.

How are you using it now? One area of the canvas has "Town A" and another area of the canvas has "Town B"? And then you'd want to have the same "Description" encounter in both? I know not ideal, but the work-around now would be to call one "Town A Description" and the other "Town B Description".

If that's not how you have it setup, can you please post a screenshot of your use-case so I can understand it?

I'm in the middle of another feature right now (maybe another month to finish), but I plan on doing the formatting once that's complete.