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Done :)

Done :)

Bundle approved! Thanks :)

Thanks! I'll check it out :)

Thanks :)

You're welcome! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! The waves were a happy accident, I kept it because it looked pretty cool. Glad you like it!

Email sent, thanks!

AAAH! I missed the submission window by 2 seconds!!! Would it be possible to add my entry manually, please? I would be so grateful. I'm so sorry I'm late...

As I understand it, you can use an upscaled picture as the cover or screenshot, but you must add the original Gameboy-sized image as the main file of your submission :)

If you leave the room, you will come back to the same room but with a character to talk to :)

Hi, I believe someone has stolen the gif of your model to make a NFT here. If it disappears before you see this, it was sold by Cryptopunk Toys on Opensea, who also stole some of my artwork and other picocad artwork from jams.

Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier! You have my permission to use it. What you're working on looks really cool btw!

Sending you an email right now!

Thanks for the review! 

There is supposed to be a win state when you enter the portal, it's strange that it didn't trigger for you... I'll have another look at the code and will post a fixed version of the game when I find what's causing this.

Thanks! :)

Love it!

Added some disambiguation for the orbs, it should work now. If it still doesn't, you might have to restart the game (by typing QUIT).

Did you drop them both? If so, I might have broken it while fixing other things, I'll have a look.

Thanks! I've added your suggestions :)

Ok, thanks!

Thank you for the kind words and the bug testing/suggestions! I'm not sure I'm allowed to change things during the voting phase, but I'll keep it in mind for later :)

A few rumours for Catsfall:

  • Have you visited Catsfall? Now, that's a solid city! Unassailable! Unsinkable!
  • I've heard there's a shop in town where you can buy anything... for a price. I still haven't found it, though.
  • They've put up a grand new statue of Catsbane the hero, just in front of the Burrows entrance. I mean, it's in the way, but we don't have any reasons to hide under there now, right?
  • Sparrow rider: I was flying out of town the other day when I saw something in the distance that looked like a group of cats! And just like that, they were gone. Probably a trick of the light.


I only realised that after posting it ^^'

Thanks! And congrats on passing ^^

Whoops, sorry! Should be downloadable now :)

Thanks! I'm working on it.

"As for ideas, you are free to plan out your game before the jam starts."

I think that means you have to wait until it starts to start actually making it :)