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We'll include these kind of options at full release :)

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¡Buenas tardes! 

Muchas gracias por tus palabras, aunque sentimos que no puedas jugarlo bien debido a que no tenemos opciones de configuración gráfica. Cuando lo lancemos en PC, si conseguimos terminarlo, tendremos esas opciones para que todo el mundo pueda jugarlo lo mejor posible.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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Thanks for your kind words and great video! We're keeping the hard work up, so you can expect the full release throughout this year :)

Yeah... We're sorry about that.

If we include those options in the future, be sure we'll let you know.


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

About the begging system, we know it might be a little confusing on the first shot: there are multiple personalities for NPCs and so, giving their answers, players need to find out which one and reply in kind.


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Thanks for your kind words and we're glad you liked our demo; we're aiming for a full-launch next year!

Stay tuned through our social media!


We're not planning to launch this demo on Mac, sorry :(

But we take notice!

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We're aiming for a full-launch next year ;)

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Since the very beginning, we knew we were dealing with heavy stuff; that's why it's been so difficult to portray this story and themes in a way players both put things into perspective and enjoy gameplay at the same time.

We know this demo is quite short, that's why we're aiming for more days when the final release comes.

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts with us!


Yay, as we know this demo is a little short and a few more days would make a better overall experience, we're aiming for a longer story in the final release next year.

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words!


We're glad you liked it. 


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¡Hola! Nos alegra que te haya gustado :D

Sabemos que la demo se queda un poco corta; por eso nuestro objetivo este próximo año es añadir más días y publicar el juego final.

¡Gracias por jugarlo y comentar!

Yeah, of course! The more people know about our game, the better for sure!

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To install:

1. Select a file and download it. You can choose between the two as pleased: English/Spanish (you could switch language within game) or English.

*We recommend the English version to those whose system is set in English or another non-available language, and the Spanish/English version to those whose system is set in Spanish.

2. Decompress '' once downloaded.

3. Launch 'Childhood.exe'

4. Play!

*A gamepad is strongly recommended, but the game is fully playable and enjoyable with K/M. If you're having trouble with your controller, try an external software such as InputMapper for PS gamepads or even launch 'Childhood.exe' through Steam's Client.

5. Mind your antivirus software if issues appear after launching and restart the game until troubles are gone