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Screenshots are your friend!  Also I did find the numbers in the ship, but maybe that was only after solving the puzzle once, not sure.

First game from the itch blm bundle that I played start to finish so far.  Pretty damn good if shortish (took me 6-7 hours without with about 75% completion), and I really liked the timeline mechanic.  Had to look up online solutions to a few of the "what now??" questions - especially related to speed boost obstacles.  Some of those I would've never figured out how to do myself, and even knowing what to do it took way too many attempts, especially that one long climb.

Nice little game with a twist ending! Short, but that's OK since I just needed to leave anyway and didn't know if it could save my progress :)

Do you see the game at all in your groupees purchase page? It's just "Spell Casting". If you don't have it, then you don't have it. Maybe you got the key in gift or trade? In which case you'd want to contact the person who you got the gift link from.

Got my key from Groupees, so I'm fine with not having a second one here :)

But should NOT be sending emails telling people that Steam keys are available if they are not.