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great that you figured out what to do haha sorry for lack of information. and the slimes are trolling which i got for free with the asset i chose. hope you beat my little game. cheers :)

My submission

It was a fun to do this and the result of this game was not what i intended it to be from the beginning of the jam.


Thank YOU :)

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my internet was on maintenance so i could not upload my submission yesterday.  here is my submission

i had a lot of fun doing this so it does not matter if i am in or not :D Good luck. May the funniest game win 


you complete something. which means you did more than started. great job. next game you do will be even better, i am sure :)

thanks a million Panda Siege!! cheers!

This is my submission. i forgot to make my game public when i press the submit button. My game was type Draft. But it is my fault. I had all the time in the world. But i did something anyways. At least I Completed something :) Cheers

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thank you. i know that a HUD and more screens with more information would be nice to add. but had no time left :D The goal is to get all the yellow blocks. there are 8 yellow blocks. if you capture the red blocks you get yellow blocks. so a total of 8. And then you win :) you can download the source and add that  ;)

It is full screen but the resolution is 320x320 but with bigger pixel :D

nice game, sir! 

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u need to download this   to play the  aslx-file :)

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Survival game playing as a husband in a marriage. Nice concept :)

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one thing about this game is that you can also use the tiles to write letters and numbers which i totally forgotten about, but not you. nicely done. a space adventure in the world of tiles. great job.

thank you. the game needs more work that's for sure. The movement is controlled by the physics engine in unreal engine and when you use physics it is hard to have control over gameplay. and i think physX is too complicated for this project. should use a simpler one. glad you liked it.  the bugs are the wonderful things in the world of physics and a developer that knows nothing about what is happening on screen. it was a fight between me and the physics engine. i have a better version :) Cheers!

at last cats for my cat sleeping simulator ;)

nice little game :)

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I played and I love it. Great job! You nailed the theme! Hope you win! Cheers