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They dropped the correlation to theme in scoring so maybe.

I should visit the ocean again.

I didn't escape but I made a friend.

Short and sweet. Felt like something spooky shoulda happened when I started using the mysterious stuff for power. This game reminded me of another, but it's been a while.

wut are glahad coins?

Ok the Adamant Gambit's series of storytelling got me hooked, with the time remaining I want to make 6-10 short games in frameworks I've built but never published.

Hi! want to check this out, but upload didn't finish.

Hi Marrow!

This looked interesting, so looking at comments. We shouldn't be calling any indie games overrated, they are all equally cool.

Here's palette (including what I use for testing)

This is based off Adam Saltsman's Cavernas, so not my Palette, just free to use!

And thx!

Ah cool swagshaw! Was curious why people were coming from this page. It turned out well! (The trees in background.)


Grayscale height maps import wouldn't be too much work, so let me know if you want that.

Other ideas - History, World Simulation, Rivers

Hard but fun!

Hmm, learning about Solarpunk so that I may do a game for a game jam. Loved the art. But I don't have a vision yet.

rare 0 player game

GJ on a good jam! Very neat.


This was the tutorial I learned from -

Oh sorry nothing to win here yet! I usually like making my jam games winnable, but could only pull that off for 2d platformers, I had a bit more trouble on getting a winstate out of my other jam games. Right now you can only mess about.

Not my first jam, but I'm thinking I want this jam to be the push to get my first commercial release.

I think I want to work alone on this project for simplicty with funds, and the recent Deltarune Ch2 inspired me to make an RPG. I hope to have a productive month!

I would hit Ctrl+Enter, it would turn grey and then I didn't know how to back out back to the console to run the script.

Also got stuck on minitank level, my scripts wouldn't save so by that point it was too painful to keep in control. This was the game I was most interested in for this jam, very duskers vibe, and good models.

Thx for joining the team!

Cool, havent tried making animations in Gimp before.

Man this is hard, got 9 seconds. Good work!

Good animation on the PacFella, I think I also tried to  make a pacman animation before, but manually in RedShift. The level wraparound works too. Good job!

Got 28!

I imagined it being like the Tetris 99 game, where each player tries to play their best and that causes other players to get tripped up. Some ideas I had were bad cards from other players that occupy your hand  that you need to hide away or burn. The main thing that would be carried around is the pool of unhandled monsters (those not on anyones screen.) New players to a lobby would get a copy of the pool and would add to it once cards are resolved. Then cards target a player (not sure on which first) and get taken from the pool and added to your screen as a nusiance.

I also wanted a bit of a clicker game element that gets more idle as you go, I wanted each element on screen to be clickable and interactable so that you have control over your domain. But these are just words and thoughts for now, I will try to come back to this when I feel like I want a challenge.

Main inspiration was trying to get something like Master of Magic combined with Magic the Gathering.

It was a fun creative process for this one.  There are things I'd like to do to improve usability, and broaden the experience. But for right now I'm content with what I made here.

1.5k man is it tough! The controls work so well.

the frog!


i imagine they can