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wowie papa

Congrats you guys, thats huge!

Came through recommendation on twitter, so satisfying little game. 5/5! You've build a beautiful little world, and I like even the monsters. The mines however are very explosive.

Got taken by the demonic invasion force due to not paying my bills. A worthy struggle.

Love space games and this one is charming, fairly buggy and not too interesting to play long term.

My stats: 15 deaths, 3 kills, 269 (lol) secs - V 0.6

Yeah you made the good game.

I'm glad history has developed to the point to support the creation of this game.

Game boy graphics can't go wrong.

Currently looking at other godot games as I want to try my hands at making a visual novel from scratch, thanks for this.

yay, slimes!

Oh shoot, totally forgot to make a wall grab for the spritesheet. Thanks for playing.

Ah if only I had the patience to finish, I enjoyed.

Hmm not really 1bit, seems fun tho - will play tomorrow.

I'm getting - (The developer has not uploaded a game yet...). No idea what is up with that, as other people are playing and having fun - guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I gave it a 4.33, best 2 minutes spent playing so far in this jam.

Nice run, I got 2 minutes and 41 seconds. You really optimized.

I got my antivirus to spit it out again, it was a great puzzle game. Each puzzle felt fresh and its solution novel. Rather than including one of the themes, you used one. Excellent.

This is sounding like a common problem - hmm developers often use colors or visual keys to help illustrate the path to the player - I wonder what the best solution for this game is... Thanks for playing.

Oh I have ideas, I just hope some of the team wants to keep tinkering away at this project with me. My first jam with a team - there are so many other assets we never used. No promises however...

I think this game used the time for the jam best, fun and addicting. I love arcade games - my scores:

cas: 108
nor: 79
ins: 55

Couldn't beat 60 on insane after 35 mins of trying, but good job - you kept me playing that long - play going up on my channel:

Hmm, do you need to login to game maker to play? Should just be a runnable executable, ah well - other games to play.

Ack, thats a shame - I want to play, but my Antivirus ate it...

Corpses piling up was totally intended! I'm kidding, but I made a temp solution and decided I liked it a little more than just removing those bodies from existence - made for some fun bugs. And I'm sorry about the credits - that was added last second, but no big deal.

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed that dragon boss fight, it was fun testing out, and very simple to make - if only the Leviathan Lord had gotten that love...

Thank you! We put a lot of work into this. If we had that extra 12 hours, I would have made those levels more clear to traverse - but I think we accomplished a great deal with those 3 days.

Yeah level design needed more love and addition of the background made the game more cluttered. I will keep that in mind for next time. Thanks for playing!

Absolutely stunning, but agreed with dewolen - game crashed my graphics card - so minus points for that. Are you supposed to kill all enemies to get an ending? I just avoided em and ran to the right. Most fun I've had so far, so cheers to you!

Excellent runner game! First game I've played of the jam, but my pick for best visuals.


This works great! Reminder to set the shaders as children of a canvas layer to get the effect following the camera.

Ah can't find you

I'd be interested in joining you as a programmer, will message you.