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Excited to play a hacker datamancer in Lancer this weekend, and if I have free time, to dive back into the world of Neurocracy 2.049 for the finale!

Can't wait to play my first game!

the slow pan to chris's face...


Thank you!

was that in the msgs on the porn site or is this guy just another?

Here's a free player on steam.

A good little game. Got 29 before the screen was full of bombs and I couldn't move any more. Shield seems most effective at clearing 4 at a time rather than just the one shot at you. May more people play!

I lack a keyboard companion, but enjoyed making a mess of things.

Thank you for the update! Looks great!

Reminds me of Jump King, pretty tricky.

Great to hear! Yes I think I will continue with this project. Part of the goal will be bringing lightoutgames godot-accessibility to later versions of Godot 3 until we get a good enough version of accessibility built in to the engine.

Thanks for the ideas, here's my thoughts:

  1. I noticed that, I think that will require some custom implementation of the godot-accessibilty addon to sometimes keep it from reading the top label everytime.
  2. Ok, they are listed as buttons with no info given as to their toggle state, hopefully it is as simple as matching type to CheckButton and saying name and toggle selected and overiding the button state.
  3. The easiest thing is to not include those at all, or I could make them ignored by the reader somehow.

This is mainly a start to building games with equal playability by blind and sighted players, but I will both work on this, and its addon implementation as time permits and the writing energy comes to me.

All games are equal in my eyes, no matter new or old or where the search ranks em.

Can't wait to see what you make! 

I experienced your story, it might fade from memory, but I will let it be apart of my ongoing spirit.

I didn't get along with most of them, but I liked Milus <3

Some hiccups on loading the games on my slow internet, great otherwise.

Highly rewarding, you know your puzzles Pat!

Part of the luck/skill is that I noticed that some bumps with the barrels will send the king forward not back.

beat you with 1092, but getting more is a trial of patience

this isn't up to my quality standards but oh well

Lucky you, mine is more foreboding, "

The overworldy, the gods, your unconscious - who cares about the celebration, because things are forceing.


In Godot I come across that issue as a key is both pressed and released as two actions when the button is pressed once.

This has me enchanted! I'd love to see this to fruition.

tape through the ages.

a wholesome hetero story.

Thx, I'll keep all this in mind. The level generation is a script I found online to create a random walk and upon that walk I include coins and enemies.

Too real.

An update!

I'll admit it, I came to this jam with high ambition - the highest. As a hobbyist gamedev designer I have a lot of docs sitting around and ideas in my head and bits of projects I've started over the last 3 years in Godot and Javascript / HTML. One of those was called Three World Champion, it was your standard roguelike, then I wanted a choose your own victory system with morality. Eventually it became a MMO that would use a system like Crypt of the Necrodancer. Glad I shelved that idea early on for this jam, it was like 5 AM into day 0 that I decided I should rein back.

So what's that picture above? That's a random walk script in Godot that takes 1000 in four cardinal directions then calls it a day. So far that's all the procgen has to do and then on top the map picks random empty spaces, feeds it to a global autoload script and the main game sets everything up. The game is live now, just to have something out there and is on my github as well.

Will I finish? Technically yes, but I'll have to label it incomplete from what I have now. For a weekend jam I'm slow. For a 7 day jam, I have just enough time to get something interesting I hope. I just need to cram for a day or two to turn what looks good to what plays good.

This is top.

Excited to see what you make!

Checking out this during 7DRL of this year for ideas, like others mentioned it has an issue with double movement, which fires less often on the diagonals. Beyond that a solid game.

+10,000,000 GP gained, thank you for a leaky dungeon.

TY kindly!


Looks more professional than my first game on itch, pretty good! (Also feels like you uploaded someone's tutorial project so boo.)

I'll be using Godot. Before I've used Labels and TextEdits to make entirely text based roguelikes (all unfinished), but now I wanna make it with pixels. I'll likely be reusing some proc gen scripts and sprites I've made well before the jam.

I was having some performance issues, on Firefox on Windows. Managed 72 hits and 53 misses. Pretty game tho!

After 33 days alone among the stars, I find life! I am no longer alone. But I am not satisified, this ship endebted me, I must have more. I had been collecting treasures all this way, but mostly I had been gaining knowledge. Finally deep underground - sentient life guided me to a crystal deep in a volcano, I took it upon myself to bring this home with me.

Thank you for this adventure, I know it would be even cooler if I could get this on a cart and run it on my GBA while I'm traveling.

HTML games take a little to work right, needs to be zipped with a main index.html

I'd like that, but to be honest I'm not sure how I found this post in the first place, so if you do, plz promote the post on yer other socials.