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Plays well with other pets.

Works for me on 7 yo AMD card: RX 560.

I was having some trouble making it work, I think its possible that tongue might not work at all on some keyboards. I know i had to use Z instead of E for up and right, I will touch up this game after the rating period, but will likely never finish it totally.


sure! im on discord as kaizarnike

I would say good luck, but you'll likly win without luck. At least mine will have couch coop.

Ok, best of luck with the family issue!

Hi! I'm interested in doing this jam, I would like to join up with you! I am kaizarnike on discord. For examples of my work, see my itch - I already saw yours.

I would! kaizarnike on discord!

UPDATE 2: High Phi is working on some more personal touches to the soundscape, a big one will be changing pitch for sounds behind you. Might be out at the end of March or a little later.

Yes the grass is an excellent one by GDQuest from Godot Shaders website that managed to port  well from 3.4 to 4.2 godot versions.

I'm using point up hexes as I found a handy layout for it. I'm spreading my 36 hexes between multiple islands, to make a small campaign with connected to a larger world of gm's choosing.

Thank you for all the feedback! I also had my dad try and he could also only get 3/4 drums placed. The update is mostly little fixes to improve clarity. Strange thing about the Windows sound playing on pressing keys. Not sure what causes that, I do know on regards to window focus that I lock mouse to the screen.

UPDATE: More usability and some fixes to go live in 2 days after jam voting period!

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for your criticisms. The tank controls are never preferred, but it was thought it might help those physically impaired. The code to do strafing is still there, so I could easily readd it or add an options menu for more accessibility options. The border sounds are another easy fix, such as repeating on movement and still in range. Granted I don't do anything too major this spring break, then or summer is when I might return for some tweaking, considering how much feedback I've been getting!

I like!

Also note to the SFX you heard, I recorded me messing with a can of chips.

That was gud.

Sounds right, the writing process in this one ended up with a lotta random.

I am too bad to finish, but too good to fail, so it just continues.

Having played games like this before, I was glad to see that some of the challenge was less than those other ones. Very cute!

I noticed that, maybe a splash sound when you are in the sweet zone of a puddle?

First was claimed, not by the prophets, but by the man behind the curtain.

i dont think ive paid for a sexy game before, but this looks fun! Ill come back when i need to see dicks going into butts poorly

Hello I am interested!

One year deathaversiery.

Gud! Was hard for me!

We had a plan for Shiranui Construction to go out and fight to protect the town and have a bunch of animations done, I'm just waiting to see if the gang is down for continuing or if I'll do it solo.

It's a mystery! But really sorry, no goal. The kinda plan was that you collect hearts and day by day as I update the game manually things change and people remember you.  This is supported by the save system, so each day it saves locally each heart you collect, just don't play again the same day or it resets!

Thank you! I think I wanna keep working at this until it feels great to play, so sound will be my next focus.

TY! I may expand on this game later.


It did happen in the first round and wasn't game breaking. I could continue after, but it was spooky. I was going through the tutorial, and it occurred right after the survival phase and before the propagation phase. I had selected the Amorphs as my player race. It being a day ago I don't remember if there was anything specific that caused it.

Got wrong scene code 22 at the start after a round of survival.

Excited to play a hacker datamancer in Lancer this weekend, and if I have free time, to dive back into the world of Neurocracy 2.049 for the finale!

Can't wait to play my first game!

the slow pan to chris's face...


Thank you!

was that in the msgs on the porn site or is this guy just another?