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The art is great, I hope to see this on stream.

These streets are paved in elf blood.

My choice for most beautiful game this game jam.

It was a pleasure and an honor to make my first game on this platform, can't wait to see the winners!

That reindeer is wild, nice game.

Those characters are wild.

Runs very smoothly. Nice game.

Very good visuals, really captures the despair of weightlessness.

Nice artstyle, it works great!

It's a nice little engine, took some time to figure out it quirks.

Thanks for playing, I'll be sure to readd it when the jam is over with.

Thanks for playing, I'll be sure to readd it when the jam is over with.

Loved the artstyle!

Loved the artstyle!

Anyone up for a platformer?

My game is finished, you can find it here:

Looks like I got it working.

Does it take awhile to load? I've already uploaded my project and I'm ready to fall asleep.


Hour 33: Most of the elements are in, now for the final polish and more level design.

My Game! Abundance of Death

Thanks for this sprite, I used it in the Yogscast Game Jam.

Nice job guys!

Hour 17: Got the essentials done, now I can make a game. Made a map with challenges to test the vertical and horizontal jumps of the player and an area with blobs to test reaction speed. Now all I need is for the enemies to give items, easier said then done.

Godot: Hour 6: After failing to figure out multiplayer for an hour, I finished the player character (found him online) and did animations.

Now I'm trying to put together a tilemap, might spend the next few hours on it. I couldn't find many free tilemaps, so I'm using Caves of Gallet and editing it to fit my autotiler.

Neat game, my antivirus sure didnt like it tho.


Super excited, good luck everybody!