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Awesome game,  graphics and mechanic. Very fun and caught my interest, have the potential to be addicting.

Some thing I did notice:

 - Some enemies start shoot you before appear on the screen, making it impossible to kill them.

 - Sometimes the items drop too close to the edge of the screen and I was unable to pick it up.

 - Item drop RNG sometimes don't drop an item even with 20000 score which is a long time without items, I felt that way.

- I did notice the mosnter fire rate control when you hold fire button, but when you click fast you can get a bigger fire rate, didn't test with some 'turbo click' tool, but maybe very high fire rate can be possible.

 -  Theres a god mode bug that is activated shooting and pressing  '1' simultaneusly quickly when the special bar is full. Maybe don`t activate this way but I hope this is a clue to what is happening. Critical bug.

- After 130k points I did notice a terrible FPS drop at 165k was literally unplayable. Its critical. 

Awesome game. Looking forward to final release