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Awesome game,  graphics and mechanic. Very fun and caught my interest, have the potential to be addicting.

Some thing I did notice:

 - Some enemies start shoot you before appear on the screen, making it impossible to kill them.

 - Sometimes the items drop too close to the edge of the screen and I was unable to pick it up.

 - Item drop RNG sometimes don't drop an item even with 20000 score which is a long time without items, I felt that way.

- I did notice the mosnter fire rate control when you hold fire button, but when you click fast you can get a bigger fire rate, didn't test with some 'turbo click' tool, but maybe very high fire rate can be possible.

 -  Theres a god mode bug that is activated shooting and pressing  '1' simultaneusly quickly when the special bar is full. Maybe don`t activate this way but I hope this is a clue to what is happening. Critical bug.

- After 130k points I did notice a terrible FPS drop at 165k was literally unplayable. Its critical. 

Awesome game. Looking forward to final release

Nice! Thanks a lot kaiz0, your feedback was very important! Some issues we are aware of, like the FPS drop, but some were also key and we will promptly resolve them. 

We are very very glad you enjoyed the game! Being still in beta, lots will change until final version on Steam and itch (keep in mind that you and everyone who bought the beta are already guaranteed to the final release =D )

The next few days we should have all or most of these issues resolved. We'll post a devlog for clarification. 

Thank you so much! o/