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The Chimera recently got art but it didn't get incorporated into the latest lcp update in time, but outside of that if there are art errors it may be something else. Do you know which ones aren't showing up?

Hey everyone, just a note to say that I've been informed there were some errors in the 2.2.6 lcp affecting the ability to use the new GMS weapons during mech building. I've uploaded a corrected version of that lcp, so if you download the 2.2.6 version now it should work properly.

A quick note, I caught a couple errors in the 2.2.5 lcp that have now been corrected, so you might want to delete and redownload the lcp file.

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If you're not on the specific pilotnet discord server but are on discord, you can DM them to me if you'd like (my ID is Kai Tave#1418) or you can also email me at kaitave AT if you'd prefer.

Hey everyone, there was an error with the 2.2.4 lcp where the Charioteer's core passive wasn't displaying properly, that's been fixed now, sorry about that! If you delete and reinstall 2.2.4 that should show up now.

Thanks for letting me know! I actually just found out about this yesterday and yeah, the kind soul who had been hosting the images on a university student website informed me that since they graduated, their site has since been removed. I've had the images rehosted on Imgur, and I plan on releasing an updated lcp along with an updated pdf on the 15th of this month which should fix that issue (along with a bunch of other updates).

Hey all, quick update on 2.2.3, some errors were caught after going live and have been quickly patched. The Enhanced Systems Upgrade core bonus should be properly applying its additional SP now and an issue with the Myrmidon specialty license not properly displaying was fixed, so if you were experiencing those issues delete and redownload the lcp file and they should be working now.

Whoops, I made an error in the 2.2.1 devlog update and linked to the wrong changelog, the link should now be to the appropriate December 2021 changelog instead.

Yeah, I went through the lcp and hit various instances of the heat bug, that should be fixed when I roll out the next update. I'll take a look at the Sagittarius stuff, thanks for pointing it out.

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Huh! Well that is definitely not how that's supposed to be working so thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'll go ahead and get that looked at. It may be a little bit before the next lcp update but I've been doing some assorted housekeeping since the last one, extraneous typos and other errors, so this should fit right in. Thanks again.

The Weird Age discord server can be found here:

That's a comp/con lcp error that Devi_8 is looking into. The Blackjacket Combat Bow used to have the Loading tag but does not anymore and has not for a few versions.