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Love this game so much. The art style is incredible and the story line is very emotion evoking! Thanks for making this game. :)

 I did a let's play on my YT as well!

where I completed a few of the endings

While jump scares are good and all, its refreshing to have a horror game not based around them! I adored this game. If you were to ever make an extended version or another game with a similar concept, I'd be very interested! 

I had so much fun playing this game! It was so cute and entertaining. :D 

I enjoyed the game overall, even though I wasn't able to complete it. It was quite fun! I did a let's play of the game as well on my channel! 

I made a let's play of it as well.

The atmosphere in the game is quite intense! Great, especially considering it's mostly just text based. The jump scare got me quite bad. ^.^ 

I did a let's play on my Youtube as well!

I absolutely LOVED this game! Incredibly well done! I did a let's play both of the demo a few months ago and the finished product today. Thank you for making such a fun experience! 

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I absolutely fell in love with this! From the beautiful artwork to the in depth sensation of something being just barely not right, plus the lovely character development, I was hooked the moment I started! Thank you so much for the wonderful story!

Also, I made a let's play!

I love this! It plays well into the tall-tales and urban legends that grow through almost every culture! I hope you don't mind that I made a let's play. Thank you so much for making this game! :)

I LOVE typing games, and this was just original enough that it was really fun. :) I hope you don't mind but I made a short little video of it. Thanks for making this game!! 

As much as I expected, this was amazing. It was just the right amount of unsettling that I had an uneasy feeling in my guts through out the entire game, but in a strange way it was enjoyable. I love how it was incredibly theatrical with such little visual effect. Definitely one of my favorites to date. 

Thank you! I was just going to post my lets play here when I saw this! Thank you so much for making this game. It's a touchy subject that often doesn't get seriously explored and I think you guys hit the nail on the head!

This game was completely amazing! I had to take a short break because I got legitimately too scared to go on. XD I sincerely hope you pursue making a sequel! 

I absolutely love this so far! I can't wait for the full game to come out. I did a let's play and I hope you don't mind if I link it here. :) 

I feel bad that it took so long to get back to this! I had to rerecord, but my view on this game stays the same! Still love it!

I LOVE THIS! I did a video that I'm going to upload soon. I'll put the link here once it's ready. This game is so great so far though!

Oh thank you so much for sharing it! But really, it's such a great game and I had a ton of fun playing it. I did upload part two finally. :)

Alright, since I took my sweet time during the game and I wanted to make sure I did it right (AKA I screwed up a lot lol), my play through will be in two parts. This is part 1!

Oh my goodness! First off, amazing game! I loved this so much. The art is amazing! Second, I really love how much effort and detail was put into explaining these emotions and mental illness without coming right out with the names. I've felt so much of this in my life and I love when someone is able to paint it out so well. It gave me so many feelings.

I did a let's play but it's currently rendering and I'll add it as a comment once it posts. 

Thank you so much for making this game. <3

This game was neat! I misunderstood what exactly to do so I was clicking around like a maniac for most of the time but I managed to make my way through it! Really enjoyable and the whole VHS style is great. I hope you do end up fleshing it out more! :)