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Alright, I can't string together enough words to explain how absolutely stunning this game is but I'm gonna try! 

First: the art! It's incredible! The gothic-esque feel to the color scheme and overall clothing style was stupendous, and the characters were all so lovely and diverse! While the color palate is similar with the elves (which is not at all a negative remark to be clear!), you've still captured unique and individual facial features and expressions for each one and it's incredible. To create so many characters and not have them with the same face-base is just wonderful! I fell in love with each and every one of them! Though I must admit that Haron, Ernol, and Vadeyn are my favorites. <3 

Second: the story! The story didn't go where I expected- although I've only finished once through with Haron so I need to explore more- but I LOVED it! There were twists and turns I had no idea would be coming and it was so plentiful in details that I never felt a moment of boredom. 

I know someone else mentioned this but I felt that I had to let you know that I agree with them and it's another favorite aspect of the game- I adore that I felt free to make the choices I'd naturally make without fear of getting negative reactions from the characters; same for flirting with them because, let's be honest, they're all love worthy! 

I've already shared the game with a few of my close friends who are also into visual novels and I hope to spread it more! I seriously feel everyone should give this at least one play through for the rich experience it provides. 

Thank you for creating such an immersive world that I can get lost for hours upon hours in!