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Wish I could do that, but there's a strict limit to sprites and all possible sprite iterations that can be loaded in memory on the Gameboy, making bars very memory taxing.
I might try to do something to at least make it more obvious when bosses get hurt, though. I'm thinking of doing another update...

This video was the final straw to convince me to make the second Mira fight easier.

Witch weapons do not work against the noble demon, but you can defeat her the same way you destroyed the door leading to her!

Thank you so much!

Oh nooo sorry, haha. I'm glad you like it!!

Oh noooo. I think I just designed that boss badly, haha. I can tell you if you just focus on spamming damage on her you'll probably win the race! I believe in you!

I've considered patching the game with a bunch of rebalancing/remaking the game in a modern engine so it's easier to design. However, I've been so busy with other games I haven't thought about this much recently.

Thank you so much for playing!

Great feel and art - was a joy to explore. It's been a while since I played a game that felt like this, and had such wonder to it. Keep it up!

I didn't realize it until now, but the art style of this game is exactly what I needed.

Always like to see people spice up the deck-building system into something new, and of course, like when it is so cute to look at.

Recently tried to use the single block that gives +3 attack to adjacent blocks, but it did not for me (I placed it under the starting attack, but that attack still only did 5 damage). Unsure if I was misunderstanding its usage.

Fully impressive and artistic. With a huge influx of card-based deck building games coming out recently, it's nice to see some that add interesting elements beyond the usual reskin.

Even after looking at the screenshots, I was fully unaware of what to expect.
This game made me feel and experience emotions I could not comprehend both during and afterward.
10/10 would hang out with a mega pig again.

I have never been more amped to try a game from a single image than this.

If it is on the title screen, that's a weird thing with Construct + HTML embeds. Your best bet is to click "fullscreen" and then click on your screen once, then it should play as normal, or download the game to your computer (if you hvae Windows) and play it that way!

If you mean the pause screen, that is a known bug I'll probably have fixed later today. You can see all my known bugs in my devpost!

Thank you!

Health bar is in the top left with the heart!
I might look into ways to make it larger - I purposefully made it small to not get in the way/eat up memory, but if it's hard to notice I likely should do something about it.

Going to do an update on a few small things and post it here Sunday!

Thanks for the feedback about levels! I am planning, if i have time, to make 3 levels from each 1 level (1-1, 1-2, etc). The levels are already planned out in that way - i just need to add little Al fights and actually split them up. If I have time.

I extended the jumping for the new version, but it still isn't perfect and likely won't ever at this point in the timeframe left. A casualty of game jams. And the fact I am definitely not a programmer.

The big borbs, like the old slimes, is totally placeholder, yeah. It'll look mostly the same but in the correct resolution.

I put everything on Box Collider 2D, so that probably is an issue. It seems to work though, so long as frames aren't dropped.

Thank you!

1. The controls are a mess, I agree. I thought I set it to both arrows and WD but it turns out the arrows don't work in this version.

2. The invincibility blinking idea is good - I'll hopefully have the time to put that in and didn't even think of it at the time.

3. Yeah, the pause menu is all kinds of messed up. I just stole it from another scene so ESC could pause, but none of the buttons do anything except crash the game, and to exit you have to ALT+F4

4. Honestly for respawns I just wanted the game to be however people wanted to play it. I did implement that some of the health came back after respawning, but enemies did not, allowing any killable enemy to be gone forever to make the game easier.

The ghost placement was a mistake for the most part, I agree. Most times I tested the game myself I would respawn the entire game because I'd be debugging and just spawn wherever I wanted, thus I never experienced that ghost issue - I'll try and figure something out for them (or just make them able to be jumped on so they can be avoided more easily).

Thank you again for all this! This was very much helpful.

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Currently I think it is because I made two levels in 1 scene, and there are too mamy moving parts.