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Hey there, thanks for expressing your interest in my little game demo!

Sadly, the game has no accessibility options. Though I'd love to, my programming/technical skills were/are not good enough to implement it properly.

You usually only need your left mouse button to interact with everything. Although the chat messages appear rather quickly, you can scroll back up via the scroll bar on the far right of the screen. However, I'm not sure if this is compatible with accessibility aids that help you reading the messages.

Are you familiar with Twine? I do have the chat text fully written down in Twine, though the interactable links sadly don't work in there, it could give you an overview of the entire chat part through a matter of behind the scenes text.

At the moment there are no Let's Plays online as far as I know, but if you want I could record some bits of the game and the "mini game" section.

The art and characters are adorable.

Nice background music too and the allegories really work well. The fear of potential reminds me of what Alok has also expressed in many of their talks and words: that there are options to live outside the strict binary, that there is creativity and more strength be found there. <3

Oh, I liked this mini game. It's nice that you can customize your looks whenever you want. Also, I can imagine that a game like this with the pronoun thing can be very validating for trans people who just begin their personal transition.

I liked the premise of this and the platforming element.

The background music was simple and not too distracting. I enjoy the begin setting being a factory with "ready-made" bodies, which can be reinvented, as the game title already hints ;)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! <3

Aww so cute ヾ(•ω•`)o

Love it when games combine tradtional IRL world assets, really gives this game extra charm and personality <3

Heyy there Benevolentwanderer,

If you're able to, feel free to delete this comment later (else I'll delete it myself!). But I message you here becos I didn't find another link to message you directly.

I see you made a few collections around transmasc games and printables. Saw you added some of my stuff there and just wanted to let you know my most recent game/demo also focuses on transmasc and enby individuals so if you'd like to add it, feel free to :D

Greets, KaidanKay

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

I liked this rather abstract approach to the game and story. I think it's the first time I've seen a game use a radio/music box to replenish your health/energy. I liked the extra audio commentary and thought the binary (0&1) part was very much to the point, yet clever. Funnily enough, I'd been thinking of making a mini-game about gender too, while also using abstract shapes. So I wonder what was your thought process behind this? Why did you choose a triangle to represent the main character?

The main feedback I have is, that some levels felt really long and you had to walk a long distance to get from point A to point B. I feel the layout could've been shortened a little but overall a nice game

Hey yo,

May I say I could relate quite a bit to some things being said.  Especially that last part resonated well with me. Got a complicated relationship with my chest too, but not into wanting top surgery. I'm privileged to pass without a binder too (despite not having the smallest chest) "It’s not your fault. Society is just fucked up. Breasts are not the problem." Just as the other person commented, this is something so true imo. It doesn't only hurt trans people but cis women as well. Personally, I experience more social dysphoria through how society looks at my body and immediately puts it in the box of 'female', how society reminds me that what I have is 'female' when I know it isn't like that for me. "when I’m alone with you, I like you just fine." This, this this

Thanks for this very open and honest story. We need more of them.

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Interesting short game. I don't think there needed to be more gameplay to really convey the message with this.

Sometimes the game seemed a bit buggy, like being stuck in a confrontation part. I could move still, but if I moved out of the screen, the camera didn't move with me becos it was stuck in the conversation balloon. 

I'm sorry you had to deal with such men in your past.