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this meant a lot to me, right now. and i love the simplicity of the visuals - just perfect <3

thank you!!

thank u <3

thanks so much :) ill probably be busy during the livestream unfortunately, but i'm really excited to watch it afterwards and hear ur thoughts!!

thank u!!

an excellent choice :)

ahhh thank u so much!!! i was a bit worried that the fifth ending was a little obscure so im glad u managed to find it ok ^^; and im glad it works as something replayable!! <3

Thank you!!

Oh this is so gorgeous!! The colours!! The tiny details!! and the idea of teetering above an uncertain future really resonated with me.... i too  desperately want to just park my broomstick by a queer bar and hang out with my friends!! thank u for making this!

omg thank you.... never apologise about rambling about pmd..... there's an alternate version of this bitsy that's just 10 yr old me closing my game in horror every time i ran into a monster house

oof, this is brilliant -- painfully relatable and inspiring at the same time.

and thank you so much for playing it <3

Thank you so much!! I'm so glad it gave you something <3<3

Thank you :) yeah this was a pretty personal piece, I'm so glad other people got something from it <3


thank you!! image-to-bitsy is a lifesaver <3

Thank you!!

thank you so much!!! the weapons section was a bit of a faff so I'm glad it worked out!! ^^;

<3 <3

Thank you!! And thanks for making such a great tool!

Thank you!!!

Thanks so much!!