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its yours to do anything you want, enjoy!

Not really soon per say

But i am returning to Game dev after recovering from a TBI, hopefully i can publish the new and improved game this year :>

Wellwood as a project, yes, but the concept itself has been my personal project for over a year now, will be shared with the world soon

Well, the name of the song is marc1

I did it as a one off, but maybe i will make more music in the future, if you want i can send you the file :D 

Wait about 1 week,  the reworked and all new version of Wellwood is coming next week :D

Are you using a cellphone?

Absolutely amazing.


I'm a little late to the party, but i'm working on a free fully animated icon set, and a big update is right around the corner: the more people that can use them the better <3

I read the article, nice work!

feels good to see the icons in good use

Hey there you can DM on Twitter or on Patreon!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I really hope the same

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Good luck with your project!

Credits are appreciated but not necessary in any way, it's you personal choice.  

Enjoy it!

Thank you for awesome words!

Love to see the tutorial!

Go for it dude, they are free to use!

That's great to hear, hope you use them one day!

Thank you!

There's a lot to do, and by misfortune(i got in an accident, nothing serious), i'll spend the next 2-3 working full time on Wellwood, the next update will be massive, and i really hope you enjoy it!