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Thank you for your reply and explanation! I think what was confusing me a little is that you use a normalized coordinate system from -1 to +1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to explain your hard work to other people and also for sharing your work. 

Thanks for the reply. Instead of structs, I use empty GameObjects for each position in the formation. This way, I could do more with it like access its Transform component or attaching different components to it like Colliders, etc. Anyways, really cool work on your part.

I've read your blog that explains how you made your earlier football game. Very well explained! I learnt a lot from it for my game. Thank you! I just have a question regarding what you refer to as the 'formation position or rectangle' which decides whether the team is attacking or defending. Could you please just make a few more remarks here about how would one could code something like this for their game? I'm not understanding how do I apply this biased position for all the players in the field using this focus rectangle. I'm letting the difference between the player's default position and his ideal position given by the Hungarian algo control how the player should move. Kindly, elaborate a little on this subject.


Cool game! I think your work is under-appreciated to be honest.  There's just something fun about the games that you make, and I can't quit put my finger on it! 

P.s. I wanted to ask you: How would one go about creating a formation system in Unity for a football game (or soccer as our trans-Atlantic cousins call it). Do you create and place a list of empty game objects with the designated positions for the players in the formation and then have a trigger area in each of these positions to check and play with in code? What do you think?