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It's a nice collection of UI elements. Also, that I can use it for any purposes. That's why I choose this one for the turorial I am making, on how to make games on your phone. We need some UI assets, and this is perfect for our project.

I will leave a link to the episode we start using it below. 


First order of business, the level of work put into this asset pack is amazing. Can only imagine how long all of this took to make. Well done is the least I can say.

Now, I am looking for a asset pack to use in a upcoming GameDev tutorial on YouTube. It will in Java and the Android environment.  I think this would be a great asset pack to use. You even got sound/music in this. Wow!
I prefer to stick to one asset pack or collection rather than to mix and match different ones. 

The reason I am considering using this, is first, it looks great, but not less important for me, is the licence. You have set the licence to the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Since I will be redistributing the assets I pick, it is a must this is specified. The code and assets will be on Github and/or my website for downloading. 

I think I would be able to just download this and start using it as I see fit without asking, but that would be, uncool in my opinion.

So my question is, could I use this in the tutorial? The tutorial will be a series of videos on YouTube and the assets will be downloaded by the followers of the tutorial.

Credit will given, obviously. I can link to this page or your YouTube channel/twitter or whichever seems most appropriate. 
And yes, I will be buying the asset pack. 

So please, let me know if I can use this as I would like.
My YouTube channel is "Kaarin Gaming".


Heya, thanks for making this music. I used it in my game dev tutorial on sounds and I will link the video with it:


Take up the story of the last survivor of a great battle between the Vikings and the Old-Dead! Go through 20+ levels and different biomes as you search for the lost relics.

Hey there.

I really liked the trees and bushes you made here, so i implemented them into my game. Since im not very good at graphics it really helps when i find work such as this. 

If you wish to check the game out and how it looks in my game, i will leave a link below. 


Hey, I bought your pack recently, after using it for quite some time developing my game. Its really good and I will stick with this character for sure and thought you might be interested to see what im building. I will post the Youtube-link to the project update below. (Remove this comment if its against self-promotion) 

Take Care!


Nice models and animations. I will use some of these for the game i am making. If you are curious or interested in how the game will turn out, i will link to the youtube video.

These biomes look nice and i will use them in the game im making.
If you are curious or interested how it will turn out, i will link a link to the youtube video.

Hey, there is some cool objects in this asset pack so i decided to buy it and use it in my upcoming game. If you are curious or interested i will leave a link to the youtube video.

Hello, im using your skeleton as an enemy in my game im working on. If you wish to see it in action i will post the youtube link below.

That's cool! I wish you the best of luck.

Let me know if you got more art like this. I like the style and finding good tile sets and art that fits together is difficult.

But i gotta look into it abit later. Long time since i used paypl

Ah that that sad, its quite convinient to use when it comes to online stuff. I will pay with paypal then =)

Hello, i will most likely use this tileset. Do you accept payment via bitcoin? And if you wish to see what i use it for i post the link below.



I downloaded your tileset and been working with it as a placeholder for later. Im not sure i will use it in the final product, but i thought i'd let you know. I uploaded a video on youtube showing my progress of a game im working on  and i am currently using some of your work. I hope that's okay. 

If i end up using it i dont have problem with paying 9usd for it. I just dont want to pay for it just yet without knowing if i will use it in the end. 

Let me know if you have any comments on it. Cheers.