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No problem. It was the least I could do, since I'm not much a fan of working with Unity.

Just dropped a few cents on it myself. It's a tall order, epspecially in just 30 days, but here's hoping. I've rather enjoyed the battle demo so far.

(Also, the Class chart on the Kickstarter page is missing Steel's weakness to Aqua.)

All of these bugs were swallowed while riding the Windows, [2021] version of the Combat Demo.

    Out of Battle:

"Team Select" menu:

The Equip Item and Health Item slots will sometimes depict items as being chosen even if they aren't, such as when canceling back to the Battle Rules / main menu and re-entering Team Select.

I understand highlighting a pony in the player's roster of selected ponies and then clicking them again will make the highlight jump back to the first pony in the roster.

However, highlighting a pony from the roster, highlighting a pony from the pool to select from, and then clicking the previously highlighted in-roster pony will cause the highlight to jump back to the first pony in the roster as well in a sort of jerky way.

    (If my roster includes, in order, Rainbryte, Simber, and Orscina, and I click on Orscina using the six boxes on the left, then click on Mauss in the hexagons on the lower-right, and then click on Orscina using her box on the right again, the system will briefly snap to highlighting Orscina before jumping to Rainbryte.)

        (However, if I do all the highlighting/clicking using the hexagon section, this does not occur.)

The previewed selection for the moves of a pony form does not update immediately upon returning to the Team Select screen, but will still update correctly upon highlighting a different form and then re-highlighting the previous form.

When highlighting an unselected pony in the case of having a team roster max less than six, the roster boxes on the left will still try to highlight one of the empty, greyed-out/faded boxes, even though the pony-replacement system upon selecting the new pony still works as if one of the ponies in the roster is still highlighted.

    After selecting a new pony in this instance, none of the boxes on the left will appear to be highlighted, despite other game actions acting as if a was was indeed highlighted.

        Also, the "Select (Pony)" button will not update immediately upon choosing the new pony.

When choosing a preset team, including generating a random team, it does not stop the animation cycle for the pony on the roster in the position previously considered to be highlighted.

    (I have a team, in order, of Rainbryte, Simber, and Poni-Bot, then highlight Poni-Bot before clicking Finished. On the next screen, I generate a random team for the opponent, which automatically resets the highlight to the first pony in the roster. However, both the third and first pony in that team are now animating.)

        (I can also trigger the effect from the same screen multiple times by repeatedly loading/randomizing preset teams; in this way, it's actually possible to get an entire roster of ponies animating at one time.)

"Customize Moves" menu:

Enter Customize Moves menu for a pony.

Cancel back to Team Select.

Enter Customize Moves menu again for the same pony - with or without selecting another pony in between.

    (If you're already on one pony, it's the same result if you go back into that pony's move menu straight away or if you click another pony and then click back to the first, as long as you're entering the same pony's move menu twice in a row [or any number of times in a row, for that matter].)

The Customize Moves menu will now default to displaying (and editing) the moves for the party's first pony regardless of the pony highlighted on the Team Select screen.

The pony highlighted on the Team Select screen will still be highlighted on the roster to the right despite this.

Editing any of the depicted moves at this point will change them appropriately for the roster's first pony.

The roster will continue to show highlighted the same pony as from the Team Select screen, even after editing moves.

Clicking the highlighted pony at this point does nothing.

Clicking any other pony in the roster, including the first, works as normal and displays the correct moves, including upon clicking back to the originally highlighted pony.

    However, if the player enters the bugged/defaulted menu, clicks another pony, and cancels the menu without clicking back to the original pony, the bug will be reset, displaying the moves for the pony highlighted on the Team Select menu upon reentering the Customize Moves menu.

    Canceling and re-entering the menu for the same pony will present the bug as normal.

Entering, canceling, and re-entering the Customize Moves menu for a pony, as like above, will result in the same move slot (Lite, Heavy, etc.) still being highlighted upon reentering the menu, compared to all other actions resetting the highlight to the Lite move slot.

Addendum to a bug I've previously mentioned:  If a move's secondary class matches a form's primary class, it will not calculate an Ace Bonus UNLESS the move's primary class matches the form's secondary class as well, making it an Ace Major.

"Move Details" menu:

The icon-flash animation cycle doesn't properly reset;

Highlight a move.


    Wait until the class map is empty, then highlight another move.

    The new move's icons will display immediately and remain visible for roughly twice as long as usual for their first instance.*


    Conversely, wait until the class map is lit, then highlight another move.

    The new move's icons will display immediately, remaining visible for the normal amount of time, but during this first instance it is still possible to see heavily-dimmed versions of the previous move's icons for any class with which the previous move had an interaction and the new move does not.

*I don't know why, but for some strange reason this gives me a serious feeling of tense apprehension.

For whatever reason, when the GP Cost bar is filling up respective to a highlighted move with a cost of 6 or greater, the bar will fill up to 4, pause, then jump to 6 (continuing on as normal if the cost is greater than 6, such as 8).

Similarly, when emptying from a move of cost 6 or more to a move of less than 6, upon falling to 6, the bar will immediately lose 2 (and then pause before continuing as normal, in the case of moves costing less than 4).

The GP Cost bar always displays one more tick than denoted by the "GP:" label nestled in the middle of the four moves - with the "GP:" label matching the same number given by the move in the Move Customization screen.*

    *(When the "GP:" label is displaying the relevant number; see below.)

The "GP:" label will always display the GP number for the pony's Lite move when first entering the Move Details menu, regardless of which move is highlighted. All other information for the move seems to display correctly.

"Customize Bonus Values" menu:

The "+BVs:" section displays half of the number actually being added to the pony's stats, as revealed by the Stats menu.

"Preset Team Select" menu:

I swear I've had instances where the highlighting visual effect won't clear from previous selections when clicking on the different teams.

The box numbering seems a little off, and I'm not sure how else to describe the bug than that, given that I have boxes 1/20, 3/20, 4/20, and 5/20, but not 2/20.

    Deleting another team actually 'fixed' this, sort of; after deleting the fifth team, the box numbers did not update immediately, but highlighting each one fixed the numbering individually.

        (Highlighting box '3/20' corrected it to 2/20, '4/20' was corrected to 3/20, etc.)


Regardless of what the player names the opponent in the Team Select menu, everything afterward still refers to the opponent by the name the player chose for themself.

    (I name myself 'Speed', I name the opponent 'Com', the game calls the enemy 'Speed' regardless.)

On the battle screen, when highlighting a move, the damage of the move is displayed without considering Ace modification. However, the Ace-modified damage number is displayed upon clicking the question mark. Unsure if this is intentional, such as subtly encouraging the player to properly memorize the Ace system.

Currently, the Oblivion field-effect seems to cover up some number of the other visual graphics, such as damage percentages.

Death Glare seems to not work on Petrifus, at least when used by Simber?*

    *(I have not tried other variations of this concept, such as Simber against another pony or another pony against Petrifus.)

Death Glare also, when it does work, lowers the enemy's physical Defense and Energy Attack, where its description states that it should lower both defenses instead.

    Defense is lowered by 25%, Energy Attack is lowered by 15%.

The effects of Death Glare also do not seem to stack, though I have no idea if that's actually intentional.

The visual effect of Soak seems to sometimes persist past the duration of the status.

Are the stat reductions of statuses supposed to linger permanently, such as the loss of Speed and Evasion from Paralysis, or the lowered defenses of Sleep?

    Changing a pony's form seems to reset these stat reductions specifically.

Also, are the stat reductions from Sleep supposed to stack on the second turn a pony is asleep? (75%, then 66%)?

    Power Nap does not seem to induce the repeated stat reductions.

Is Sleep supposed to reduce a pony's attack priority? The enemy Ponatina was asleep, I changed to Xenoir, my Xenoir got off its Toxic Sting, and then the enemy Ponatina woke up and initiated the first turn of Skull Bash.

After the enemy Xenoir used Death Glare at my Vinerva, Vinerva had an angry-vein-pop over her head along with an arrow pointed down at her, which went away after the next turn, during which I knocked out Xenoir. I... don't know what that symbol meant, or if it was supposed to be there, given how high it was hovering over Vinerva's head.

    On further playtime, I believe I can conclude this is the visual for Intimidate's effect, though it still feels to be hovering particularly high above Epona's head (regardless of form).

        Scratch that again, because I think this effect appeared again over an enemy Ponatina after she used Bluff?

...I think there was an instance where the enemy Furum's Bide did nothing to my Simber.

    Correction, make that two instances, in the same battle. In the second instance, Simber used Flame Wing on the first turn Furum used Bide, and in both instances Simber used Star Fire on the turn of what I presume was supposed to be Bide's response, on which turn no damage was dealt.

        Not an issue specific to Simber.

Also, I'm not sure, but I think Bide might be dealing a single point of damage on the first turn it's used.

My pony's Speed seemed to be getting reduced to 85% at what felt like random instances.

    Specifically an issue with Simber?

Body Slam from Furum Dazed my Simber, which is not mentioned in the move's description.

Xenoir's Intimidate from the player's side lowers the enemy pony's Defense, rather than its Attack, contrary to the ability's description.

The idle animation for Sun Roots that plays between attack selections seems to cut off unexpectedly.

When the enemy Petrifus used Fire Stream on my Mauss, it played a visual effect of roots getting burned up, yet the visual and after-turn effects of my Sun Roots remained afterward.

Is it intentional for abilities such as Inner Flame to not activate until that pony takes their next turn? This was the case against an opponent Petrifus, at least once.

    And Simber, with further playtime.

Tackle does not currently deal recoil damage, and the player's Status Move seems to consistently be visible, though unselectable, when their pony is low on GP.

The stat icons that appear at the beginning of the idle-time interlude do not seem to consistently depict Glass Eye's accuracy buff. Either that, or Glass Eye just sometimes stops working for whatever reason.

Taunt does inflict Daze, but it does not increase the target's Attack.

Ponies can suffer headaches while asleep, as if the Daze condition is taking effect despite the fact that the Sleep condition is keeping the pony from making any moves.

The in-battle annotation for Thestra's passive only mentions her Energy Defense rising, though the effect correctly raises both of her Energy stats.

Is the effect from a pony's equipped item, such as Armor Plate, only supposed to activate / take effect for the first pony form sent out in a match?

Skull Bash does not seem to raise a pony's Defense on the first turn it's used.

Skull Bash will however activate Shyshock's Static Passive on its first turn of use - the turn when Skull Bash is preparing, not attacking.

If a pony uses Evade on the turn they switch forms, Evade will be used second, play out both halves of its animation (disappearing and reappearing) and then incorrectly state "(Pony) avoided the attack!" even if the pony did in fact take damage.

Also, Evade/Teleport/etc. do not remove a pony's shadow. I can easily see this as being an aesthetic choice, buuut figured I'd mention it as a graphical glitch just in case.

Venom does not appear to do anything.

Sound Wave will still announce itself as dealing a 'Critical!' despite no difference in the damage. Obviously not exactly a bug, but figured I'd point it out.

While Sleep Talk does nothing if the pony is awake, the game does not call out the move as failing in this case, instead playing out a normal attack animation without dealing damage.

    In contrast, Sleep Talk will not be so much as mentioned when used while asleep, the move skipped over entirely.

Snore Attack does seem to work as intended, however.

    Including mentioning that it fails when attempting to activate while the pony is awake.

When switching in Furum while the previous pony form is asleep, Compensate does not activate, even if Furum wakes up and attacks on the turn she's switched in.

Dive Crash does not announce its recoil damage upon the pony missing, instead displaying its usual "(Pony) landed back on the ground."

    Also, is Dive Crash supposed to double a pony's speed while they're in the air?

        And is that speed boost supposed to linger after they've returned?

Once, when my Furum was asleep from Power Nap, her Sleep idle animation continued despite her waking up and using Moonbeam.

    Her animation was reset upon taking damage at the beginning of the next turn.

Lastly, Shyshock**, Mothlass, and Xenoir(?).

    **(Double-bug:  Might be too cute.)

Okay, that's everything I've compiled over the last two days or so of sporadic playtime. My apologies for this report being equivalently sporadic.  ^_^;

Footnote:  Also, sorry for the excessive white-space. Itchio's comment-writing system seems to be both buggy and rather laggy at times... And tries to force double-spaced paragraphing.