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Great! Hope I didn't sound too harsh.

Very nice!

My only recommendations are to get a nicer font and some 'full-' keyboard controls:

  • E.g. WASD and have full-keyboard menu controls (so you don't have to use a mouse). Things like a menu cursor for arrow/WASD key movements and using enter to go next or accept would make it 5-fold nicer and more polished.

Gameplay, however, IS GREAT; the shift 'mode' was not the most intuitive if you don't read the controls part (but just writing "Hear Track Preview" will clear the mud).

Love to see an open-source project too!

The more you know.

Poor Linux...

What is that "boot-up" screen?

I have seen that and similar ones very often but I have no idea about what they are called or if I can find an example video that I can slow down and pause.

Thanks for any help! Great game!

It would even be nice if you just made a port for Linux and/or Mac but label it as unstable so if it is just broken sometimes it is ok because otherwise you could never play the game on Linux or Mac in the first place.

Nice game!

A Linux and Mac port would be nice but is not 100% needed.

If you don't want to have proper support or bug fixing for these platforms, just make it an unstable channel!

Yes, after realising this myself, I switched to that playstyle.

Thanks for the response!

I actually legitimately want to know the complex game mechanics. I just have a 1 in 60 chance every frame to boost your velocity in the direction your currently moving.

This lets you stay still and not move while having some control when you do. With a narrow hallway, you can not jump to the side into your death just forwards a bit faster.

By the way, thanks for rating! What did you give it? (Criticism is always constructive for me.) Also, I you can't see anybody's rating until after the voting period has ended.

Comment and rate so I can find your game and play it!

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Very nice game! The only bad thing is when you repeat a part of a level in another level exactly which kind of deafeats some puzzle... But you got to create a lot of cotent quickly, am I right?

Try my game please; Mine has little content because of time constraints and not wanting to repeat to much of the previous game. BE THE BUGGY BOI!

Edit: 4-stars all round by the way...

Why does it include 3 game downloads? It should have just one zip file...

What platform is it for? It should be specified to a specific platform.

Windows 10... Happy to help fix any bug!

The music was a last effort for inmprovment, made in 1 minute...

If enough people want a full game, I could add more  game mechanics, levels, etc.

To be honest, 32-bit is ancient...

What is the platform for? It is not tagged as anything...

Game crashed on start... Giving it 3 stars overall because my PC is pretty mediocre ($500 AUD).

I believe you are using Godot because of how the toggle full screen button acts and in development of my game, Buggy Boi, I had similar random movement but because of it, it dramatically reduced performance, to an unplayable game, but removing the constant random functions that happened evry frame fixed it. I believe this is what happened to your game; Although I have a pretty bad PC ($500 AUD)

My game is very similar to yours if you would like to try and rate it:

But it is a bit tedious searching every wall... Still an awesome game never the less!

Also, can you see the current rating for your game bfore rating ends?

Sadly that is the entire game because of time constaints. I always do the level/s last so I have an almost 100% complete game at least with a small level at worst because everything is already complete.

If you and enough people enjoy the game enough and give a good rating, I would be happy to make extra levels and mechanics, maybe 2 or 3 enemy types for example. Make sure to follow me if you would like to be notified when for when a part 2 is released if one is made.

By the way, your screenshot for the HTML5 game has the "Press [Esc] to exit full screen" pop-up.

It might be just that bit nicer to have a screenshot that does not include that.

I don't want to be rude but it looks more like a polished game on the outside to new comers because the page is so much more appealing.

I mean what is your own version naming system? Sorry for any confusion.

This page's background image should be the SCP Card Game page's background, not just one colour. It will add a layer of depth to the page and make it look nicer.

I think it would be nice if you show a pointer to what you are forced to do like discard some type of card.

Also, I think it would be better if the discard civilian trait was done automatically as long as it chooses family cards or couple cards for 4+ or 2+ number of civilians to be discarded respectively. And just choose the male, female, and child civilian cards randomly.

I think this would be a lot nicer game then. For the paper game, this should not be done randomly.

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How do you decide the version name? Also, have a good tutorial to use butler?

Edit: What butler channels do you use.

Oh ok, just make sure to add a devlog. It is 100% ok just bad timing for me.

Very fun! 123 is PB which is not very good...

I think that it might need a tiny bit of balancing for the gronka cards (speed seems like the least bad) and the spawn flubby card needs to spawn more maybe like a duplicate card that has a smaller radius so you only can get 2 or 3 more flubbies using it.

Did you remove the game download or am I just stupid?

Very nice game would recomend to a friend.

Although, 32-bit support has become ancient (last Intel CPU was made in 2011 I think) so supporting it is a waste of time that puts back development/game support of other versions.

Love the fact you support Linux though!!!

I hope you still enjoyed the game thought!

The random movement was added fairly quickly late into development as just extra topic related mechanics. All I did was have a 1 in 60 chance each frame that it will do a large increase in velocity in the players input direction. Repeat this for both the x and y axis and you get this random movement on average every second. I then fine tuned the ammount you move and chance that you will move so that it is just enough that it makes some difference to your game but not to much to be a 100% game of chance.

But this turns it from a game to tedious work that that feels like the job that you are slacking off of to play this game.

Yeah, the level itself was the last part I created, so it is just a demo level. If I create a part 2 / extra level/s, I willadd extra content and features, maybe an enemy but I will certainly take all of the feedback. Let me know if you would like to play a part 2 or an extra level/s and follow to get notified if I make one.

If I create a part two that is longer, I will change the graphics on the new version.

Sadly that is the entire game...

If enough people want, I will add a part two but leave this jam submision as a secondary download.

It is still a greatgame though. Better than mine at least:

Thank you!

Leave a comment with feedback for future jams please! A comment will also let me see who yo are so I can rate your game!