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Hi, I love your style! Using this for a prototype right now :)

Glad you liked it :)

The plan was to increase the time and just have a button to skip the countdown if you were ready, but I ran out of time.

I had to balance it so it wouldn't go too fast and so you wouldn't have to wait forever before the next round.

Loved the game, but damn, that third level is really hard!

Funny seeing another FGC enthusiast, you can still be Daigo, I believe in you :')

Back to the game, I clicked in the character to see if I could speed up the dialog and looped through all the customers, seems like it's not checking if I have the proper drink ready before going to the next character.

Thanks for the feedback, yeah I had some trees rocks and buildings already prepared but I didn't had the time to decorate the scene. Most of my time was spent on the code, which was more complex than I initially thought (I never used line renderers or interfaces before).

It's the first time someone has mentioned an issue about not being able to see the money, are you using some special resolution? On which browser are you playing?

I think I broke the boss :)

I'm always glad when I see an arachnophobia mode in a game :) Also the content warnings in the page, it shows that you are considerate regarding the players!

Some of the tips I would share is that I miss a mouse sensibility option, my mouse was jumping all over the place :P But I understand if its not a top priority since the first person part of the gameplay is mostly for story purpuses.

Also I'm on opera GX and the game was working fine most of the time, sometimes there was a small freeze when bouncing on a spider so there may be a technical issue in the collisions or something else there.

Overall I like how you are depicting depression here and I think that introducing gameplay elements to depict intrusive thoughs is a very original way to blend in a narrative element.

Got 1605 as a highscore! Not sure if that's a lot tho

To me it was not fully clear which were the zones for dancing and drinking even after doing the tutorial. To be fair I also blame my short memory on this.

I missed being able to drag a box for multiple selection, on normal difficulty it feels like there are too many enemies to keep track of.

I loved the silly songs >.<

I loved the humor! And the music, very jazzy, fits perfectly with the detective theme.

Also "Hue Vos" took me too long to realize >.<

Overall really good game, I wanted to play a little bit more before the story ended but this game jam was to make a concept and I think yours is something I would enjoy a lot.

Hi! Unfortunately I've encountered the same bug that made it a bit difficult for me to continue playing. It seems that the character rotation is not locked, so when you push objects sometimes you push yourself (and thus rotate the camera permanently).

Besides that I wasn't sure how the guards attack you. The first one I encountered wasn't moving at all and then I was dead. While that's fine if it's supposed to be a stealth game, I think it could use some visual cues that I've been caught.

Sorry if that sounded harsh, just trying to give some advice :)

That was quite a story! I gotta say that the piano and the daughters concerns where hitting the spot, but I feel like the explanation of Spring's nature got too technical and snaped me out of the emotion of the moment, I was face against the screen though!

Nice job

I was literally building a new build with extra time for the first wave when the time finished :') Sorry about that

Oh, I didn't realize that the turret instantiates to the last selected tile :P thanks for the bug report.

You can right click to deselect the current turret though :)

I agree with Kilian in that you feel stuck when interacting. Maybe you could decrease the time it takes you to regain movement control for some actions or maybe add an object (maybe a speaker) that takes a lot of confidence but stops everyone that's swinging a weapon.

I loved the music, I was boping my head without noticing in my first playthrough!

Really cool game, the intro made me chuckle :)

Checkpoint system would be cool in the rooms button

I though the chat was automated because I have the tendency to press the chat button again to 'speed up the text' even though it wasnt working and looks like that sets the chat to autoskip which made the math puzzle harder for me :P had to take a screenshot until I realized I was causing it

I love the aesthetics, a slider to change the sensitivity would be huge :)