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thanks a bunch! 

First of all, thanks for playing, thank you for the feedback as well!, will be sure to fix up some parts for sure! Like adding the tutorial :)

I am terribly sorry for your experience :((

Good overall, plz easier levels ;-;

git gud

I am very thankful for that amazing feedback and explenation. I will think about the things you said and try out other stuff. :D

I am both thankful and sorry to hear that haha, I am mainly a programmer and have never touched enemy designs and level design, but I am working on improving those aspects :D. I would be thankful if you could point out how I could improve the interaction with the enemies :D.

I am thankful that you played my game despite it being as it is, as for the hint I would suggest paying extra close attention to the colours :)

Game was truly fun and interesting, took a bit of time to figure out but cool in the end

Keep it up man!

Game was super fun, art was super cute and I think you should keep working on it!
also found a small bug where I got stuck in connected mode and couldn't disconnect.

I am very thankful :D

Haha thank you man, I have a hard time with level design and gameplay desing. But I am happy with the end result. Sorry for the bug It was mostly ducktape code :>

I really like the concept, Art is interesting and cool looking. Quite interesting gameplay that would suit some kind of mini RPG. I would say fix up some stuff, add stats and some objectives and it would be an amazing title!

Love the concept of the game man, smooth and relaxing expiriance. As other have stated with more polish it could be a full release.

Like the concept & music, but is the player suppost to shake like crazy when moving?

Overall fun, interesting idea of connections, rooms are connected in the series of clues and keys across em all

Good Luck to ya all!!

I honestly don't know myself haha, I just lost motivation at the start of level design. It seamed hard for me to continue. 

Thx for the feedback, I'm curretly In the process of planing on a small re-make of it with better stuff(mainly need to re work the scripts and art).

Oh I noticed it a bit too late xD But It's fixed now. Problem was that One object was missing a thing 

Thx! And yea I love that it’s easy to use