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Thank you.

Thank you very much.

The whole supranatural section is just four tiny paragraphs of 'Make it yourself!" attitude, in the game _all about supranatural_. No guidelines, no examples, nothing. Extremely disappointing work on this section. 

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood the discount then. 


I have HPS Cartography Kit and it shows that a discount should be applied to the Pixel set, but when I bought the Pixel Set it didn't apply at all. 

Lovely game; the only thing was that the sound didn't work for me at all (Firefox browser, Windows 7)

Turning auto-hyphens off is a good decision, but you can always manually use some and even if the text doesn't want to shift you can forcibly put the word on the next line with Shift Enter without creating a paragraph break, to manually adjust the line length.

Anyway, all this aside, it is still a very good work.

If you wish more feedback, in Vivid, Hidden and Ancient Groves tabs, in upper left part of each page don't be afraid to use an occasional hyphen – more than one for a such short paragraph would probably be too much, but 'untouched' in Vivid Groves could have used a hyphen.

In 'Remarkable Trees', The Emptree, in line '...of serenity. Inside no' you might try to put 'no' on a lower line to create a shorter and less jagged line. When you use Align Left/Ragged Right text alignment you generally wish to avoid lines of noticeably different length and keep them as close to a block as you can. 

'1d3 sample ideas' lines look a bit redundant – in a such short and well-organized publication it is already clear what each 1d3 table is. Instead this line could have been used for something like 'Sojourned visitors to the grove', to add more mood. 

This is very well done. The layout is very clever, utilizing the drop-die point-crawl procedural generation simultaneously as an page index which is in turn is utilized for denizens, moods and menaces with enough variable options to have a few distinctively different groves. The cover immediately sets the mood.

Layout is also very well done, with font choices, bolding, tables and such making it clear to use.  Every inch of the page is utilized but is also organized clearly and without clutter. The only thing that I  would change is to make green in some headers darker/more visible, 

Atmospheric, coherent, uses available space and retro-like graphics well to create a very creepy mood; despite small size is a good jump point as it provides a few tables to immediately set up a scene. 

Take a note of   “6 panel pamphlet" specification – it is tri-fold brochure on two pages. One of the panel is taken by the quote above. Second one is a title screen. Out of remaining four panels, half of one panel is taken by graphic.