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K Tsukashima

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Aw, it's sweet! And I do know what an arroyo is, but am from Southern California so that doesn't count. You could try "wash" but that might be MORE obscure, tbh.

I have to like that donuts are part of the nuts.

Unfortunately, clicking the "start" button goes straight to "game over" for me. Am on Firefox

64.0.2 (Mac). Tried on Chrome (71.0.3578.98), same thing

Ha ha, nice!

It's so pretty! When I got to "why did you go little fourpaws" at first I was like "eh, this one looks more plain, maybe an image link is broken?" and then it got all cool. Nice.

Thanks for running the jam! It was my very first, and it was fun. Congratulations to Olivia Dunlap and the winner of the judges' prize!


Thanks! It's just the names of two major fires from my area, plus an etcetera. I was drawing some specific chunks from those memories but also trying to be a bit generic area- and time-wise.

From sweet to creepy! Cool.