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so true!


sorry you feel that way. Will work towards these changes. You did incredible work and wanted to add some of your explanatory text, but initially felt weird about your submissions being the only ones with text in the zine.  

again, the deadline was pretty tight and also during finals week at school for me, so I wish I couldve spent more time on it. Will spend more time fixing for an edited version. Hope you understand

will definitely do the photo replacement! Sorry about that, was totally obsessed with the original photo and was wondering why it wasnt in the folder. 

im starting to play around with making the photos bigger, which means more pages. trying to find a balance so it wont be too many pages! I do agree theyre pretty small at the moment. Not sure about giving each submitter their own page, because i like the idea of showing different peoples submissions together. 

will keep playing around with different arrangements!

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no worries, i totally understand and appreciate the feedback! it's really helpful to get honest feeback. now thinking about it, if this happened to my work i'd probably be sad about it.  I'll start to look at ways to maintain proper aspect ratio while also being readable and shuffle things around! might take a bit of time, though. i was also planning on testing printing of it next week, itd be a good opportunity to see how readable it is while printed

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the elden ring one is fixed in the most recent version uploaded on the page! Will definitely fix the name issue, so sorry about that! 

I definitely struggled a bit with the croppings of them, it was a bit hard because almost all of the screenshots were in landscape 16:9, so it was hard to position them all on vertical pages to make them legible.  if theres a specific cropping youd like fixed I'd be happy to take a look!

the zine was under a pretty tight deadline and this was my first time doing something like this, but in the future i hope to get better at the positioning of everything. 

thanks for the feedback!


thank you so much for participating in the jam, I loved looking over the google drive folder of everyone's submissions!!

the zine is finally out, and you can find it here!

if there are any mistakes I made or if I missed you at all, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I'll update it! this was an extremely hectic week for me because I also had final projects at school. 

much love to all!!! maybe we'll do another one in the fall?? <3


ah, i notice if i leave the window idling after clicking the button for too long it freezes for me too, but it still works when i press the button and then right after press the new keyboard key. will look into a fix!

weird, it should highlight the button blue (as you've clicked on it) then listen for a keyboard button. Once you've clicked the keyboard button, it should display that button under the bind key listing and under the start button. Just making sure, you're clicking the button, then pressing a key on your keyboard, then the program freezes? 

sorry to hear! which build version are you using? also is it on mac or pc?

yeah no worries! I'm looking forward to them!! :^)

Hi all, it's the final day of the jam!!

Feel free to wrap up your submissions and put them in the submissions thread here on itch or in the google drive folder.  Also try to include your username / games you used / names of each piece (if you want each screenshot to have a title!). If you're thinking of submitting but don't have time to before the jam ends, you can let me know! 

I am going to start compiling the zine as soon as the jam ends, with an anticipated release date of May 11th. The zine will be shown at this year's A MAZE. festival, both in person in Berlin and online at the A MAZE space! I'll post links to it when the festival starts. I'll also upload the pdf of the zine here on itch. Down the line, I would also love to print a couple copies and would be willing to mail them out to folks who would want them! (might need help with printing/shipping costs)

Have a great rest of the jam :^]

Wow these are really good!! Thanks for contributing!!

s i c k, the wiggler / forgotten souls one is my favorite, but i also love the circle crop on the last one (and the birds!) thanks for submitting!

it's really exciting to look through these! thanks for submitting them!

i love these! thanks for submitting!

whoa that's so cool! ive never seen that game, the UI reminds me a lot of the post card editor inside of lego loco: Download LEGO Loco (Windows) - My Abandonware

sick!! these look great :^]

Hi friends!

There's a few new versions of OWS on the itch page: 

-theres a NEW version for PC + python source that has a simplified UI and a bunch of bug fixes

-theres a reupload of the original version with bug fixes

-theres now a mac build uploaded following the simplified UI!

we now have video as well!

let me know if you run into any issues with them!



these are so cool! i love the second one!

Thanks for participating!!

The theme for this month's community jam is... 


Have fun taking photos <3  

Feel free to attach your photos to this thread to act as submissions! I know the itch photo size limit is a bit small, so alternatively here is a google drive folder to submit to if you want.

Also, a new OWS update to fix some bugs and a mac build should be released in the next few days, thanks for your patience! 


Open World Shutter has been honorable mentioned at this year's A MAZE. Fest! In honor of that, I'm excited to announce the first OWS community jam. Make your own exposures to fit a theme, and at the end I'll compile the submissions into a zine!

You can find the jam here:

See you there!


my child....

one day.. i will get all the balls out but only the blue ones

beebo x bleebo collab when

Unfortunately this was designed specifically for controllers :( chromebooks should work with most usb or bluetooth controllers though! 

need some blackberry and bread themed dice to play this. really cute art!!

107! really cool concept :~)

while waiting for the next food to drop i loved making the reindeer dance 

i love the oh no tag on this

swinging santa around is REALLY fun

sound design is poppin

very glad i played this with the reindeer DLC

now this is subversion 

i hope you weren't too hungry yoshi, the sounds of your suffering echo in my brain..

playing this right after gab's game is a great order to play it in. so good!

games that make you the joker

incredible. im so happy for them <3

OPEN WORLD SHUTTER is a PC desktop art-making tool for taking game screenshots of variable exposure length. Try out different long exposure self-portraits, long exposure star trails, and more with your favorite games!

This is the tool's first release, so there are still some bugs, but I would love to see what folks create with it!

Game Pictured: Outer Wilds



the "cut to black while the music is still playing" in both this and quick character creator is so tasty

good game!

So good! Read this on my frankensteined repaired iphone 7. Really appreciated the dynamic of going against commodified nostalgia and current gameboy-likes but also missing tech intimacy. I yearn for a clunky but handheld companion, hope we see one someday :’)