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Unfortunately this was designed specifically for controllers :( chromebooks should work with most usb or bluetooth controllers though! 

need some blackberry and bread themed dice to play this. really cute art!!

107! really cool concept :~)

while waiting for the next food to drop i loved making the reindeer dance 

i love the oh no tag on this

swinging santa around is REALLY fun

sound design is poppin

very glad i played this with the reindeer DLC

now this is subversion 

i hope you weren't too hungry yoshi, the sounds of your suffering echo in my brain..

playing this right after gab's game is a great order to play it in. so good!

games that make you the joker

incredible. im so happy for them <3

OPEN WORLD SHUTTER is a PC desktop art-making tool for taking game screenshots of variable exposure length. Try out different long exposure self-portraits, long exposure star trails, and more with your favorite games!

This is the tool's first release, so there are still some bugs, but I would love to see what folks create with it!

Game Pictured: Outer Wilds



the "cut to black while the music is still playing" in both this and quick character creator is so tasty

good game!

So good! Read this on my frankensteined repaired iphone 7. Really appreciated the dynamic of going against commodified nostalgia and current gameboy-likes but also missing tech intimacy. I yearn for a clunky but handheld companion, hope we see one someday :’) 

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loove this skeleton. also, cool sounds!

that's a great idea! im not sure if you have another window focused if you could listen for a certain keybind, but ill check it out! im working on some updates to add different smoothing options, ill look to add something like this in the next release (in maybe the next week or so)

haven't actually played it (im a fake gubble fan) but totally used it for graphics inspo! 

The power of game-a-week friendship :-) and unity pun tutorials 

the butterfly animation is so cute :=)

i love this, the ending renders are amazing, and it does such a good job at suspense

having the last level be flat is torturous, love it

very good


that lad is extremely similar to this fiend i made while testing it out 

hey, even an anatomically accurate skeleton is peak character design

If any streamers or youtubers are looking for halloween weekend content, check out my halloween game!

Bone To Pick

make your own eldritch creatures in this character creator! 

Great watching you craft a masterpiece!! Thanks for playing!

I love them : -) thanks for playing!!

Hi all! in honor of Halloween time, I released a little skeleton-themed character creator for people to make wacky monsters in. There's quite a few customization options, you can enable physics and try walking around clumsily as your new creature, and you can save screenshots!

Find the game here:

we love a great combat system with neat controls

with a name like STARDUST TARTARUS, how can it NOT be good

anyone is free to adopt any games on my itch!

some games I made: 
- weird asymmetric cooking game where the chef doesnt know the recipe but their grandma's ghost does

-stealth game where you move without looking

-shuffleboard but you try not to break an egg

-a chess tetris fusion

-a game where you're a cat who dances while your owners are asleep

absolutely no idea if/how these are feasible for tabletop games but would love to see anyone try if interested!

art direction on this is so good!!

"in the city of the future there is no need for parking" so true

was so stumped on levels  7 and 9. great mechanic!

i love the angry face. top tier character design

really satisfying!!

So glad someone did this cart! i loved playing it!

super witty! also, i adore the aspect ratio of this. nice job!