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fantastic asset! is it possible to make some NPC asset which is compatible with this asset?

could we add/remove custom part assets to generate more customized character? Is it possible to support such feature?

Is there any compatible character assets for this?

I think current status of level 1-3 is interesting and challenge. This is a typical arcade-mode game, which need well design of each level and CSE did well in level design. It remind me of those classic arcade shooting game.

The shooting mechanism is very interesting and creative. But the control mode of flash shield may need much more polished. It brings too much risk and usually made me feeling frustrated.

I can't wait to see the finished version of this game. Goodjob!

Surprising collect & farming game. I spent "11 day" to reach end. It's very impressive to see the forest and town becoming more and more lively. Five stars!

@radmatt could you please help to look into this issue?


Good Job! What's the license of this project and the included assets? Could I use it in my commercial game directly? or Could I use it as the base of my new inventory database demo(it may be compatible with this inventory interface)?

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Thanks for you advice! the gold bug has been fixed. And please use mouse click instead of space key to skip.(yes, space will trigger next selection, it's a bug)

Do you think it's a good idea or not to make more contents like other kinds monster/quest/dungeon/different equipments and make it as an complete game?

I'm glad to hear your feedback, thanks!

I agree with this proposal.

I'm not sure what's the root cause of this issue. Just add following code temporarily, I'll come back when I finish my game jam.

if v-1 >= text_node.clean_text.length(): 
var letter = text_node.clean_text[v-1]

[Bug Report] Export Message Texts
Hi radmatt,

I'm using the steam version and I find the "Export Message Texts" could only export partial texts, lots of contents are missing in the exported txt.

If you need any project file to produce it, please let me know!


Sometimes following error will be reported (the index is random):

Invalid get index '124' (on base: 'String').

--------- In ----------------------

func _start_showing_characters():
var n = 0
for x in text_node.clean_text.length():
if ! is_message_completed:
text_node.visible_characters += 1
var v = text_node.visible_characters

var letter = text_node.clean_text[v-1]    #<---------------------error position

Need free  scroller zooming for scale percentage. 

Is there any way to assign different portrait pictures for different character?

It will better if DialogueDesigner could support this. 

Or creating a mechanism that allow DialogureDesigner give each character a specials  variable, and then supply the picture res path in godot.

hi radmatt, could you please fix it by uploading a new version? I can fix it by myself but I hope the ready-to-use version also includes this fix.

I love this asset. Can I resize and remix this asset to change the height of each character to 40px tall to fit my commercial project? Does this allowed under your license?

very cool assets pack. What's the license of it? Could it be used in a commercial project?

74. Firstly I didn't know how to play it but then i got it. the behavior of enemies force you to escape from them. Good game.

Good gameplay. And this game has appropriate level design. Good job!

Yes! I also think it's too easy to present the differences bewteen enemies. The gameplay could be refined. Thanks your advices!

falling from no.4 board. it's very...very sad feeling.. Impressive story telling give this game good motivation at the very beginning. But this game is really hard for me LOL.

I mean this action.

concise gameplay with appropriate music and art style make this game interesting. 

Firstly, I thought it's a simple jump demo. But I find it's a challenging game soon. I don't know how many times I should beat it, while the level 3 is too hard for me to continue LOL. I recommend everyone to play this game.  Good job.

I like smooth motion of the volleyball. The spike part seems not work in the way as I expected. A vs CPU mode could also make this game better.

oh... that sounds inconvenient. I'll take care next time. btw, your scene assets is very good.


I have just purchased a bundle which includes this pack.

so i purchased it twice in fact.

Can I revert my purchase for this pack?


I have just purchased a bundle which includes this pack.

so i purchased it twice in fact.

Can I revert my purchase for this pack?

Could I edit and use it in my commercial project?

”Edits for your project needs“ I will create a pixel verion of one character and design a series spritesheet for her and treat it as my game(commercial) boss or npc, is this condition belongs to this clause? 

The progress of playing is quite challenging but enjoying. The introduction is well designed and this game prepared its own background storys, the completeness is pretty good.

While these are drawbacks of current version:

1) the color of "dangerous" meaning is ambiguous, and it's not easy to figure out which part will hurt player. 

2) the behavior of 'upgrade' is not proper considering the gameplay pace. 

- movement of 'upgrade ship' is too quick and its appearance is not obvious enought in the colorful environment

- the switch frequency of the 'upgrade type' is too high which make it quite random when play upgrade his skill. if player missing or eaten an wrong 'upgrade type', the difficulty will be different.

- the power of different types of weapon are not fair  comparing to each other, when this one work together with 'switch frequency' problem, player will feel some frustration just because he hesitated 0.1 second to eaten 'upgrade box' and get an unexpected one.

Overall, this is a quite good title in this contest, which has a retro arcade style.

I like the story telling at the beginning of the game and it give player more motivation to continue this game. There are some points in the level design which too hard and bring some frustration. The hardness curve could be polished a little bit more. Nice job.

Concise concept and well polished level design. Creating these level with only three type of gizmos make it feel like a very smart game. But the amount of level is too less for a puzzle. Anyway I like it, good job.

Simple and straight forward gameplay.

There is a bug "restore object" when scene change accidentally make this game a bit more fun when you restart the level again and again, 

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very cute bullet shower game. I love the music and art style. I don't know what's the usage of each skill and their control keys, maybe a tutorial is necessary. The variety of enemie could be improved in future versions. Nice game.

I use it in a Ludum Dare 46 title. Good tiles