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cheese: one player to one goal, not two

Nooooo that's the last level

I wish I could jump straight to the curses instead of going through "it begins". This game is just too fun! I need to see everything!!!

Found a softlock, when transitioning screens into a spike

If I download this tool, can I input my own games or does Puck make them?

I think the explosion radius is slightly too high. Difficult to start. Or maybe it's the fault of the controls?

How does this work? Can I have a mod link please?

Do you have a link for modding? I had an idea for a level I wanted to test

Wait, is this game a quiz at all? I don't want to play a game that tells me what I am.

That's what I said. 

Is there a way to hack this?

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Sorry to EveTheEevee, you probably won't see this. But for anyone else who does, the cats have to be lined up so one cat follows the top border while the other keeps it alive. This lineup has to start two rooms back.

Thank goodness you fixed that strange bug. Although maybe you should have a one-hit-KO "hard mode" setting.

I did find some hits for SCP-CU, though, and I don't like it. It may try to be the opposite of horror, but that just creeps me out more.

Don't try to amnestize me. I noticed the purple fire! Although maybe it's not quite a victory, because I searched for "purple fire" in SCP and nothing useful came up.

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awesome demo. I'm really thinking of getting it.

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Much less difficult than you think. Still, fun!!!

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Downloadable please. My Chrome is pretending that it's a browser that doesn't support WebGL, and I'm not in the mood to reprimand it.

I want to see some fiendish levels. I don't think I could beat them, I just want to see 'em.

Why is this game so hard to boot up? Anyways, I looked at the .json file. Turns out rounding a flipped L makes a J.

I know! When I merged I+I+C, I was expecting a P! I would think that I+P should also work, though.

My goodness, was the S a pain to make. Fun fact: the buildings are decorated with what they can create. You can actually pipe a V into the rounder instead of using two L's to make the U.

Actually I+I+I works

There's another person there that needs to be revived, not just you.

No. I found that you can walk on red numbers, but that doesn't seem like the intended solution.

Is the tent the end, or is the game broken? Because I find it hard to believe it's the end.