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Yes, I'm subscribed AND in the discord.

Not to be rude,  but did you test your game before release? Level 8 is impossible because the player eats up your vortex when stepping on it, and the heart can get away from the player if you idle. 

A+ game this ice is a trainwreck

Thanks for playing my game! I hope the rest is up to par!

I was mildly hoping for a level that I had to use a teleporter twice to beat. But now I think if it, is such a level even possible? The teleporter only goes to positions the penguin can get to, after all...

thank you will try out

I can't seem to change this particular keybind in the menu? When I click, the "waiting for input" menu comes up but nothing happens when I press a button.

Thank you! I think this was one of the inspirations for bicolor sokoban. I couldn't do nearly as much with this particular ruleset, so it's nice to know something cool came out of it

I can't get past that one pullslide puzzle with all the boxes stuck against the wall aaaa

No, you've seen basically all the mechanics (besides weird unintuitive disconnected rigidbodies) You can't specifically move the red box when in the corridor yourself, but you can move something.

(Is this level 10 intentionally?) Bug report: the cutter seems to be freaking out the way I'm using it. The rightmore block acts normally, but the leftmore block seems to randomly jut backwards before proceeding to believe it's one block lower than it actually is.

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Oh, ok, makes sense. Is there a way to make the downloaded game not fullscreen?

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Flow Free but it's cursed? This is going straight to Icely!
I love how even the level select is ultimately a flow puzzle too. It's really cool.

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It's actually quite nasty how stacking cubes works, the most efficient way is to alternate white and colored cubes. Someone add this to normal portal mechanics please!

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I'm playing the browser edition (I have the download claimed) and my game doesn't want to move past level 11. Is this normal for the browser version?

I mean I did love what I played, I was hoping to see what the elevator is.

On another note, is there a hack link to view the game code with?

I can agree that that level is hilarious.

You're cute that you think you discovered pullable blocks. So many laboratories rediscovering the same-ooo, these are multipull blocks!

Yooo this is genius! And the teleporter malfunction is a great way to introduce the concept

I would recommend using a branch of puzzlescript which adds a level selection for ease of use and possibly skipping past levels.

Then where did the frogs come from?

I believe that this emag may be inspired bya youtuber named todepond, maybe looking up their channel would help. Or maybe it wouldn't, I  don't know,  time travel is messy.

I can't wait to see Icely FREAK

Push the boxes, silly.

Push the boxes!

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This game may have been the most wack (besides maybe mountinuum) but I had a good time with it!

Have you played the most recent game yet? Permaban?

That's not very likely to happen, but I'll be honest,  that's EXACTLY what I was thinking.

Oh no the creepy tales and stories are now real, I commend you for making "endless fun" the programmatic way so it actually functions.

Oh no another one

Ok but nothing actually tells what the letters at the end of the game do. SPOILERS FOR THE MAINGAME

Anyone who hasn't played yet gone?


Assuming we always use a rightwards push:
U: (0,+2) multipushes right 
O: (+2,+2) multipushes right 
N: (+2,-2) multipushes right 
E: (+1,-1) multipushes right 
!: (0,+1) multipushes right

real shame they all have the same multipush.

Cheeky trick, expert level puzzle! I wish more was done but this is terrific

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That was an extremely precise yet really cool path but I found it,and I am about to get to cere-WHAT

So there is no reason you shouldn't eat a cake? Doesn't sound dynamic to me, introducing shatter crates! They break under any load too strong, whether you like it or not!

On a more serious note, I do recommend you try to design puzzle elements that have both advantages and disadvantages. If an aspect of a puzzle only has advantages, the player will take that path. What you wind up with here is essentially puzzles glued together because the player will beeline for the cakes in whatever order is most fit. Not that that can't be a good puzzle if you obfuscate the order, but having more options for you, the designer, to control the player will help create more diverse puzzle opportunities. 

I really like a game called I Wanna Lockpick, a game about opening doors with keys. In the second world the game introduces a door that requires exactly zero keys of a color to open. Before this, there were interesting ordering puzzles, but the zero door introduced a new concept to juggle: divisibility and remainders.

This was a year ago. I've played the game now. 

Dang I've been meaning to try this sometime but I forgot, I will play it soon,  remind myself!

Yeaaaaa same-move multicharacter puzzles all the way!


Oop spoilers

The first level isn't terribly important,  it's just clarifying its a sokoban. You can press ctrl+q to skip it.