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I tried out libtcod, rot.js, jsrl, and T-Engine4 and wrote a quick paragraph summary of each for anyone who saw the "resources" section of the 7DRL page and wanted to know more, check out "Four Ways to Make a Roguelike".

Very solid puzzle platformer with a nice twist on the dash mechanic. 

Interesting concept, the title screen was really well done. Good work!

Nice and funky. I like it! Reminds me of a mobile game I used to play a long time ago.

I love the artwork and how crystal clear the game looks. It would be nice however if the scene was "busier" with objects and scenery. Good stuff!

Probably the best browser game I've played in a while, very simple, very polished, really addictive, I can't believe it was made in three days, fantastic work.

Pretty fun game, I enjoyed the combat and the way it was executed overall. Like a lot of the one-button game jam games, I think the one button aspect held this game back a bit, but not much. Nicely done! Look forward to seeing what's next from you.

I like the minimalist style and how it mirrors the simple gameplay. One issue is the game can be exploited by spamming the space button. Overall, good job, keep at it!

Nice work so far, the game's UI and art is great. I was initially confused on how to play because I went straight into a fight and I had no cards, I'd probably give the player a default deck or force them to make one before entering a fight to avoid confusion. I'll also add the first fight was pretty tough. Those issues aside I'm interested to see how the game develops, I think it has a lot of potential!

Great game, I like the mechanics and the input felt great, very enjoyable to play. I'll say the one button limitation only slightly holds this game's controls back, as I frustratingly ground pounded when I didn't mean to enough times to cause me to take a break from this otherwise fantastic gem. Good work, I look forward to playing whatever you create next!

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words! Currently, the castle should take exactly 3 hits to go down, but perhaps I should add a mechanic where the enemy units are cleared, or pushed back, so that clumped up units of 3 or more don't instantly destroy your tower. I appreciate the feedback!

Well done! I can tell a lot of love went into this project and page. If they ever decide to make a 2D spider man you guys should get the job. Nice work.

The cat sure is flushing those toilets. I wonder, is there some sort of meaning behind this, I've never seen anything like it before.

Pretty cool game, well done! I like the art and concept, although the gameplay balance seems a little off, those little (big) mushrooms pack a punch. Also eventually enemies just stopped showing up, maybe I beat the game? Anyways, good job!

Nice game, I liked the theme and level design, good work! If only there were more levels!

Fun little game, good job!

FPS tower defense? Very cool. The turret placement and shop were nice.

Great stuff, very polished and has a lot of game "juice" but there's a little too much noise on screen for me and enemies move very fast as they fly over the screen. I'm not much of a shmup player though, still, impressive.

I like the artwork, everything looks interesting. The game, unfortunately, runs at a very low fps in the browser, so I'm unable to play it.

Not a fan of clicker games, but this nicely polished and I like the theme. Good work!

I like the style, I had fun with what was here, hope you add some more. Good work!

Nice job!

It's hard to tell where exactly them gems are falling so catching them is hard. I'd like to see a way to lose or win? Still, I managed to get about 75 gems, so I was getting into it. Nice work so far.

Definitely tic-tac-toe! Would be cool to see an A.I. opponent. Nice job.

Fun little game. I think the mimics are still too slow, even with the fast mimic option, they seem to get stuck on some of the buildings too. Still, it's a fun quickie. Nice work, hope to see the lag bug fixed! :)

Trying to get the rhythm down is a bit tough but killing enemies is satisfying and the controls feel precise. Thanks for uploading!

Cool concept, I felt satisfied when I unlocked the first little shortcut.

Nice game, very polished and entertaining! I like the mechanics and thought popping the bubbles was satisfying. The extra mechanics like the big bubbles and moving bubbles later on were a good addition. I think having a minimum score requirement to beat a level, or a min star count to unlock later levels could be a nice addition, as currently you can pop single bubbles and still progress without putting in any effort or thought. Great job!

Great project, looks like you put a lot of work into it. The tank explosions were pretty satisfying, and I managed to defeat Big Red. While the controls were fine I would have been cool if they were more tank like. Anyways, cool project!

Neat, I especially enjoyed how you explained how it was done, using google sheets, that was pretty clever.

Nice work, I genuinely smiled as I wrecked the house. Hope to see more.

Interesting game and concept, I'd like to play more of it, or see if I can beat it, but I seem to spawn in lava most of the time.

So good I had to do two run-throughs, one where I kill the miis (mi?) and one where I spare them. Good work.

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Could just be my browser, but other html/unity games seem to work.

Cool game! Congrats on making your first one. I made it to wave 10, I like the upgrade system you have in place. I'll say the game is quite difficult though, I think displaying the controls could be helpful, or adding them to the description. Anyways great first game, hope you make more!