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oops. found out that instead of i wrote o

And also Reuploaded 0.3 on My phone

Well. Had to Redone 0.3 cuz it was corrupted for me.

Im uploading a beta 0.3 You need to wait!

me is back

well next update coming tomorrow

Hello again well i deleted last devlog but now i know how it works well i developed Offline game on 80% sorry for writing this im not fully sure if writing changelog is part of devlog or anything but well

P.s. This is my first game so next will be my first idea i get

4.0 has been released! You can download it now

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Hello! JustGamer here! Well last time i updated game was 16 days ago. I made new update v.4 Currently we are testing it for any game-out features

Well I told you all the truth and a hint lol

This game wasn't were for 7dfps but then why dont just try?