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Haven't played horror games in awhile but this was a fun short horror experience. Not sure if this is a bug but at the room in 5:40 Duolingo doesn't appear to kill you there and loses sight of you. 

Really confused with how the cop would just stare at ronald as he walks towards him to get beaten up XD

This game is unbelievably well made for a free indie horror game here on itch. I really enjoyed the amount of work placed into this piece and hope many others get to enjoy this as well!

Can't wait to turn into a half furry 
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Really cool too see other indie dev pick up on this mechanic. I loved playing viewfinder and having a horror aspect to it was really neat. I only wished it was slightly longer and had more scary situations to be in. Other than that, this game is really fantastic at having the same mechanics. 

Conceptually the game was good. Go through a maze and grab ducks as you worry about the monster from chasing you. Hospital atmosphere fit really well with the game. 

The only thing I think could be further improved on is the pathing on the monster. With how it just follows you in the most direct path makes it easy and predictable which is something I would honestly avoid if you want a scary game.

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This is honestly a really good start for your first game! I wish you the best in your game dev journey :)

I was honestly expecting more jump scares within the playthrough which may have made it more horrifying when I was just exploring. The First scare was really good having the guy go behind you and talking to you. Subsequent scare like the guy behind the window when you were clearing the salt could have been triggered much earlier as looking at the window when triggering him causes him to just teleport in was more goofy than scary. Other than the two sections with meeting the ghosts, it was pretty decent keeping a scary environment.
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Really great game, story was somewhat easy to follow. Task to be done in the day before sleeping got confusing at time leading to tons of dead parts where the player is wandering mindlessly. Other than that, its a really well made game. Good job!

The fake mask monsters were genuinely so scary especially after getting the flash light. the only few problems were slight audio issues and lag. Other than that it was pretty good.
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This was a really cool one. Gameception was truly terrifying.

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Pretty cool variation of the FNAF games. Nice to see how you used role reversal for this types of game to make a whole nother experience of fnaf. Good job!

I can't explain how good this game was. It reminded me somewhat of bonnie's bakery where it has a cute, lovey dovey surface while the inside is pure terror. LOVE IT

Welp, too bad I don't have a grimace shake in my country. Would love to be sent to a basement and face Grimace in a 1v1

Though I admit that its a sin to put pineapple on Pizza, imma still do it cause its too good!

I love how goofy this is by embracing very niche memes like the put my armor on. Very clearly inspired by snake hotel and was a wonderfully short game.

Pretty goofy mascot horror game. I can see slight inspirations from garten of BanBan and honestly have no clue whether or not that's a good thing.

I really enjoyed this weeping angel-esque game. Just kinda weird how they just teleport behind of you instead of following you for their chasing mechanic.

Man thats a kinda of a bummer, especially if people think you're scamming them on xbox. Hope he gets taken down!

This is one of the more interesting game out there. Simply using Spongebob as a basis allowed for more nostalgia from players who grew up on it. Furthermore by putting a horror twist on it has always been a good choice. Voice lines between all the characters kept it entertaining throughout, not to mention the chaos that is happening in Tentacle Acres. Overall, a very good game that use parodoy very well.
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Not too shabby of a game. They were some parts which played out weird. Particularly how the physics work in this game. At one point when walking down the stairs in the big boat, the model would gently float downwards as if there was practically no gravity. Other than that small section, game mechanics was nice and short allowing for players to quickly grasp the workings of the sub. Overall, a pretty fun experience with combating the leviathan trying to pull down your sub.

Its a nice take on the survey horror genre, however, jump scarers were apparently use for the sake of having them. Nothing truly terrifying except for how random and wacky this game seems to be. Good effort though.

Had great moments where ambience was used to make for a truly horrifying experience. The subtle sound of the baby crying as you approach the car was great. 

Overall a fantastic little game with small jumpscares that made the game worth playing. I really adore the usage of those cardboard ghost jump scare, which is very reminiscent of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.

It was a very entertaining experience for how short this game was. Having the premise of Ronald Mcdonald being the main antagonist seem to be the thing that brought the most value to this game. Honestly, its just simple and wacky fun.

Honestly really nice experience having the guy slowly creep out towards. The only thing that bothered me was how long it took between prompts  even while looking at the movie screen. Other than that I really like the concept!

On god can't wait for you to post chapter 2. Though a short experience, this game has a creepy antagonist and the sound effect usage in this was impressive.

Reminds somewhat about slender man with the "7" pages and glitchy effects when approaching the ant monster. The only qualms I have with the game is how ridiculously foggy the environment is. If played in especially bright areas, its incredibly difficult to see where the monster is coming. However, I feel that the audio when the monster is approaching is sufficient in compensating this problem. Other than that, pretty nice and short game. 

Welp, I guess I'm not going to use the microwave for awhile.

As always you are improving on your games. It was a pretty interesting concept and liked the somewhat unique flashlight movement mechanic. 

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This game is quite interesting with its aesthetics. Besides the overwhelming red overlay, the usage of the monitor as a screen was a pretty good addition to keep it from looking too plain. The only critique I have for this game is the long hallways you have to go through. In my opinion these sections of the game is really tedious and boring which ends up lowering the scare factor of the game. Anyways good job!

This game has a really cool premise! The only thing problematic that I had was not being able to juke the monster. Maybe its just a skill issue... Anyways it looks super nice aesthetically.

I really like these types of games where you look out for these entities. Usually these types of game start when they breakout, but, its a nice change of pace being one of the "operators" instead.

Extremly impressed with how you and your team achieve this game in a week with no game design experiece. Its leagues better than the orignal with improvements to character design and overall gameplay. Also love how you damaged the drone so no more janky drone gameplay.

It's a really nice short horror game. I like the concept of going through each floor and getting progressively scarier. 

This game was pretty fun and I love how you have to use you sounds to get to certain area as it got darker. The only problem I think I had was that when the sounds overlapped itself, it became very hard to identify which door to knock back. Other than that, great game!