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Thanks :)

I added the different sound effects and music a bit late, so I didn’t have that much time for tweaking the volume, sorry about that. However, you can always change the music and sound volumes in the option menu ^^

Thanks :)

Fun little game, the overall direction is really nice. I just feel that the requirement isn’t that well implemented, but I wasn’t able to go very far ( I was not able to respawn after dying, maybe it was a bug on my side since I’m playing it on linux using wine ), is there an actual boss or something at the end ? Great entry overall :D

Great game ! It really fits the theme, the assets are nice, and the game is quiet fun ( but maybe a bit to hard ? I was not able to win once ) The only downside is the sound. I don’t know if it’s bugged on my machine ( I played the linux version ) but the only sound I get is a small noise over and over again. Great job overall :D